the perfect tennis serve

The Perfect Tennis Serve for Tennis Players

The perfect tennis serve is suitable for every tennis player. Are you searching online to improve your serve but don’t know how to figure out to enhance your tennis serve? However, you may look into the surface because every tennis court player knows how hard is surface to sustain.

So how to lose a poor serve of lacking power, having many double faults,s and being aggressive with your opponents? So let’s take a look at the infographic.

The 6 Tips for the perfect tennis serve

The perfect tennis serve

The perfect tennis serve

1. Stance:

Stand behind the baseline on the opposite side of the service box you’re planning on hitting the ball into.

2. Grip:

Hold the racket in front of you, at right angles to the floor. Wrap your hand around the handle so that the ‘V’ of your hand (in between your thumb and first finger) is resting on the top side. Hold the ball in your other hand. Bring your hands together so that the ball is touching the center of your racket’s face.

3. Wind Up:

In one motion, bring your arm back behind you, keeping it fully extended, and bring the ball hand up towards the sky. Your weight should shift onto your back foot.

4. Toss:

When your ball hand reaches eye level, bend your racket arm so that the face is up behind your head, and toss the ball upwards gently.

5. Strike:

Bring the racquet up and over your head to hit the ball on its way down, letting your racket follow through across your body towards your opposite hip.

6. Follow through:

You’ll have to keep on your toes now to continue playing the game. The end position of your follow-through should allow you to easily step onto the court. so that you’re ready to react when the ball comes back your way.

So hitting a perfect serve in tennis, a player requires consistent practice on and off the court. You know tennis serve is the most important part of a tennis server, and if you are not a master at all but you have to focus on the aspect of the stroke in tennis.

Again, if you are developing your serve it will allow you to get more free points. How to win a tennis match.

female player tennis shot

How to perfect tennis serve

To perfect your tennis serve, you should focus on the following key elements: This guide from a famous coach to follow the improved to tennis serve.

Toss: The toss should be consistent and in the right spot for your serve.

Stance: Your stance should be balanced and stable, with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.

Grip: The grip on your racket should be correct, as it will affect the speed, spin, and direction of your serve.

Backswing: Your backswing should be smooth and controlled, with your racket at the right height.

Contact point: The contact point should be out in front of your body, allowing you to hit the ball at the top of the bounce.

Follow-through: Your follow-through should be smooth and in the direction of your target.

Practice: Practice consistently with the correct form and techniques, and gradually increase the speed and power of your serve over time.

Get proper coaching: A coach can help you identify and correct any specific flaws in your serve, and provide valuable feedback to help you improve.

Final Words

The final words of the perfect tennis serve is difficult to learn but if you will learn it will help you better in your sports career. So I think these steps will help you a lot to raise your serve skills. That is all to cover the tennis serve to you please follow and enjoy your tennis game.

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