Best Tennis Balls for Clay Courts

The 10 Best Tennis Balls for Clay Courts Reviews

Continuously cracking tennis balls interrupts the natural flow of the game. It is also annoying. If you can choose the best tennis balls for clay courts, it will eliminate this problem and get a long-lasting service.

But choosing the best clay-court tennis balls is not an easy task. The market is full of duplicate and wicked products. Recently, we have researched and picked the best tennis balls for clay courts. At least we made a list which is absolutely clay and all court surface tennis balls for all players.

Today, I will discuss them with useful features and a buying guide. All these balls are specially for the best clay tennis balls. So keep reading. Let’s go

Best Tennis Balls for Clay Courts Reviews

So here is the best list of tennis balls for clay courts. Let’s go to the individual discussion on the best clay tennis balls.

best tennis balls for clay courts
Image Product Name Features Price
Wilson Prime All Court Tennis Balls for clay courts
  • Delivers excellent performance
  • Very lightweight
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Certified by USTA & ITF
Wilson US Open Extra Duty All-Court Tennis Balls
  • Very much affordable price.
  • Bounce control is excellent.
  • Durable supreme quality
  • Made with high-quality wool
Penn Championship Tennis Balls
  • Excellent durability
  • Perfect for all Courts
  • Interlocked wool fiber
  • It has a natural rubber
Penn Tribute Tennis Balls All Courts
  • Perfect for hard/Soft Courts
  • High-quality performance
  • Optic Yellow
  • 1 best-selling ball
Penn Tour Regular-Duty Felt Clay Court Tennis Ball
  • Exclusive LongPlay felt
  • To maintain the durability
  • Improves maximum visibility
  • Used advanced technology
DUNLOP ATP Super Premium Regular Duty
  • ATP World tour
  • HD Pro Core technology
  • The fluoro cloth improves
  • Maximum visibility
Penn Championship High Altitude Tennis Balls
  • Ensures durability most
  • The deep elastic seams
  • To reduce shock
  • Consistent bounce on air
Wilson US Open Regular Duty Tennis Balls
  • Response well with each hit
  • US Open Official ball
  • Outstanding durability
  • Nice control of pressure
Wilson Roland Garros Clay Tennis Ball
  • High-quality rubber
  • Appropriate for clay court
  • Maximum consistency
  • High-level durability
Penn Championship Tennis Balls – Extra Duty Felt
  • Natural rubber construction
  • Reduces shock
  • & elastic seam, Durable
  • Compatible with interlock

1. Wilson Prime All Court Tennis Balls for clay courts

If you want to give your optimum performance both indoor and outdoor, you should look at Wilson Prime All Court Tennis Balls. It is such a ball that can be used for both training and competition.

In one case, you will get 72 new balls. It has 24 cases and 3 balls in each case. The magnificent feature of this ball is that it has the exclusive Duraweave felt. It makes the tennis ball maintain outstanding performance.

This ball is used in the grand competition of tennis both for men and women. The durability and outstanding service make this ball in our #1 position.

Key Features

  • Weight: 3.52 ounces.
  • The ball is certified by USTA and IFT.
  • It has a traditional performance standard with Duraweave felt.
  • You will get 72 balls altogether, 3 balls in 24 cases.
  • Balls are perfect for all kinds of surfaces.


  • Delivers excellent performance.
  • Very lightweight.


  • Creates less bounce on soft surfaces.

2. Wilson US Open Extra Duty All-Court Tennis Balls

I will choose this one as the overall best tennis ball. It fits with all kinds of skilled players. Willson is such a traditional brand that it kept its honor as “Official Ball” from 1978. This ball is made with high-quality wool.

The ball is incredibly superior for its durability and playable feature. Most professional tennis legends trust this ball, so why not rely on the ball once?

This ball will offer you the perfect bounce you want with super control. In all kinds of courts, indoor or outdoor, this ball can be your choice always.

Key Features

  • Weight: 2 pounds.
  • Made with high-quality wool and durable supreme quality.
  • It is approved by USTA and ITF.
  • Creates perfect bounce in any court.
  • Perfect choice for both newbies, amateurs, or professionals.


  • Very much affordable price.
  • Bounce control is excellent.


  • On the soft court, the bounce may be a bit less.

3. Penn Championship Tennis Balls – Extra Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls

The Penn Championship Tennis Balls are a versatile and superior option for tennis lovers. A more interesting fact about this ball is, that it was the official ball of USTA League Tennis.

This ball is made for all types of courts like clay, grass, hard court, or those courts which are 4000+ feet above sea levels. With the experience of 100+ years, this brand is continuously improving its ball features and category. It is also the best tennis ball for Har Tru courts.

The deep-elastic bond of this ball offers extreme durability and perfect bounce on the court. The Championship line of the ball ensures the performance while hitting the court.

Key Features

  • Its weight: is 7.5 pounds.
  • The interlocked wool fiber assures the longevity of the ball.
  • Perfect for all kinds of courts.
  • It has natural rubber for a tight feeling in the ball.
  • Altogether, 72 balls in 24 cans, Each can provides 3 balls.


  • USTA and IFT approved ball.
  • Excellent durability.


  • No flaws at all.

4. Penn Tribute Tennis Balls – All Courts Felt Pressurized Tennis Ball

With experience and testing of over 100 years, the brand Penn always shows its outstanding quality. This ball is a new addition to the highly-rated tennis ball list. If you are a rookie or veteran, this ball can be in your bag. This ball is made with interlocked wool fiber with deep elastic seams. It ensures the longevity of the ball on regular basis usage.

You won’t shout after a certain period for new balls if you have this package with you. On all types of surfaces, soft or hard, indoor or outdoor, this ball will show its charm. The natural rubber in this call will reduce the shock and give a consistent position.

Key Features

  • This ball is America”s number 1 best-selling ball.
  • It is perfect for both hard and soft floors.
  • Penn Tribute Tennis Balls will ensure high-quality performance in each hit.
  • For durability support, it has interlocked wool and natural rubber.
  • The color of this ball is Optic Yellow.


  • Great service on grass, artificial or natural.
  • Great longevity.


  • Not so affordable price.

5. Penn Tour Regular-Duty Felt Clay Court Tennis Ball Cans

As I mentioned before about this ancient brand Penn, they made this innovatively designed ball with new technology and expert opinions. They ensure that, with technology, the player will feel perfect bounce or consistency with each hit.

In each case, you can get 4 balls. This tennis ball meets all the perfect tennis ball standards—an ideal ball for playing on a hard floor. The ball will ensure high speed rather than other balls. This model of Penn tennis balls for clay courts. 

The ball is covered with Penn’s exclusive LongPlay felt, which will ensure the ball’s longevity. They used the Smart Optik high visibility felt treatment. It makes the ball 19% more visible than any standard tennis ball.

Key Features

  • USTA and ITF approve the ball
  • The best-advanced technology is used in this ball.
  • It has Penn’s exclusive LongPlay felt to maintain the durability of the ball.
  • Improves maximum visibility of the ball.
  • You can get 2-18 cans if you want. In each can, there are 4 balls.


  • Used advanced technology.
  • Perfect speed and bounce.


  • Not suitable for a soft surface.

6. DUNLOP ATP Super Premium Regular Duty Tennis Balls – Best Clay Tennis Balls

To achieve perfect spin and bounce, you should try the Dunlop tennis ball once. I can guarantee you that it will enchant you with the excellent and effective performance of this ball.

A good tennis ball won’t make you a great tennis player overnight, but it will, of course, help you to make your performance great day by day. That’s why the Dunlop tennis ball is on this list.

This ball holds the approval of the ATP World Tour gloriously. The Premium Regular Duty Tennis Ball has woven and dyed Fluoro Cloth. This will improve the intense visibility of courts.

Key Features

  • Serves useful and practical hits every time.
  • The ball had the ATP World tour as the official ball.
  • HD Pro Core technology is used for steady performance.
  • The fluoro cloth improves the visibility in courts.
  • With 3 balls in the per can, you can order 2-24 cans.


  • Maximum visibility.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not for outdoor.

7. Penn Championship High Altitude Tennis Balls

Again I am back to the brand Penn. This brand makes all of its balls of such quality that it is hard to choose one of them. However, this ball also meets all the standards of a tennis ball. The natural rubber construction helps to reduce shock while playing. It is made with interlocked wool fiber. This fiber ensures durability as well as consistent hits.

The championship line of this ball helps to improve the performance with each hit. It was the official ball of the USTA Leagues. Perfect ball for all types of courts. It is also Penn brand tennis balls for clay courts.

Key Features

  • Weight: 0.3 pounds.
  • The deep elastic seams help to reduce cracking.
  • Interlocked wool fiber ensures the durability.
  • Natural rubber in the ball helps to reduce shock and steady performance.
  • In each can, you will get 3 balls, in 24 cans all together 72 balls.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Consistent bounce on air.


  • No drawbacks at all.

8. Wilson US Open Regular Duty Tennis Balls – 3 Ball Can in Multi-Packs

Remember Wilson US Open Extra Duty All-Court Tennis Ball in #2 on our list? Yes, this is almost the same ball with a new name. The ball shows consistency and high-speed performances.

The ball is made with a high-quality woven. Perfect for playing on soft, indoor, or clay courts. This ball won’t wear out quickly, so it will value every penny. The best Wilson clay court tennis balls get better performance than regular duty balls.

The ball maintains the pressure on the ground and gives a good bounce with each hit. With affordable prices and filled with all the necessary qualities, this ball is a hot cake.

Key Features

  • Best choice for beginners.
  • Approved by USTA and ITF.
  • Response well with each hit and perfect bounce.
  • US Open Official ball since 1978.
  • In each can, there are 3 balls.


  • Outstanding durability.
  • Nice control of pressure and bounce.


  • Not ideal for hard surfaces.

9. Wilson Roland Garros Clay Tennis Ball

Get introduced to another great product from the famous brand Wilson. This ball comes with excellent durability. The core of the ball is comprised of high-quality rubber. So, you will enjoy high-level resiliency and consistency while playing.

Another great thing is the limited moisture and dirt pick-up features. It provides better visibility while playing. The package comes in a set of 3 balls. Happy to know that ITF approves the ball. Playing on any clay court, you will get a long-lasting performance from this ball.

Key Features

  • Ensures better visibility
  • Appropriate for clay court.
  • Made of high-quality rubber.
  • ITF approved.
  • There are many packs such as 3 balls pack.


  • High-level durability.
  • Maximum consistency.


  • Includes only 3 balls

10. Penn Championship Tennis Balls

Are you looking for the best hard clay court ball? This ball from the Penn brand is a perfect choice for you. Further, The ball comes in 2 packs. Each pack contains 3 balls. That means you will get 6 balls. Every ball is made of supreme quality rubber. They use elastic seams to prevent early cracking. Also, the extra duty felt makes it suitable for clay courts. Penn clay court tennis balls are really durable.

You must get a consistent feel while playing with this ball. The rubber construction mainly ensures it and also reduces unexpected shock. Finally, the ball is approved by ITF. Please don’t wait for more to order it.

Key Features

  • Natural rubber construction and elastic seam.
  • ITF-approved tennis balls.
  • Reduces shock and ensures a consistent feel.
  • The whole package includes 6 balls.
  • Compatible with interlock soon fiber feature.


  • Appropriate for a rough game.
  • Durable.


  • Comes in 2 packs.

Penn Championship Tennis Balls – Extra Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls

For both rookie and veteran tennis players, this ball is perfect. Besides, Having all the most wanted features, the ball becomes the best pick on the list. The construction of this ball is fantastic, which undoubtedly assures longevity.

On both indoor or outdoor, soft or hard surfaces, this ball can show its perfect bounce and blend with pressure. It is why I kept this one at #1.

DUNLOP ATP Super Premium Regular Duty Tennis Balls – Best for Clay

This ball has made ATP World Tour with its outstanding performance. If you are a tennis lover, you need the best pair of tennis shoes and rackets. Balls are no different from this.

At the most affordable price, this ball will give you superb service always. The maximum visibility and durability show its standard Wilson US Open Regular Duty Tennis Balls – 3 Ball Can in Multi-Packs

This one is the best choice for rookie tennis players. With extreme durability, this ball won’t tear or wear out quickly. Since 1978, this ball is showing its capacity for perfect performance. You can use this ball on indoor or soft surfaces.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Tennis Balls for Clay Courts?

If you want to buy a tennis ball for a specific type of court, that is a clay court, and you have to look for some features in the ball to work well on the court. I will present a glimpse of the features you should look for in buying the best tennis ball for clay courts. Read our best pressureless tennis balls.

Construction material

Construction material should be such that it enhances durability and provides a great bounce and reduced shock. Natural fiber-constructed balls work best on the clay courts as they give a consistent feel.


Clay courts are known as the regular tennis court which means here you can do your standard practice or play for recreation. That’s why the tennis ball you use on the clay court should be long-lasting. You can look for the balls which have deep elastic seams because it increases durability.


Tennis balls are mainly two types depending on the kind of court that are extra duty and regular duty. Different duty balls are used in hard courts, and those balls have a very thick covering. In clay courts, the ball covering’s thickness should be a little less, and it’s called regular duty.


The tennis ball color should be bright most of the time, but this feature is a must in a clay court case. In clay courts, there is more chance for the balls to get dirty soon, and the real color may diminish. If you choose a bright color like yellow, you will recognize the ball even after it gets dirty. So try to buy yellow-colored tennis balls for clay courts.


Tiers are ratings of the ball by the manufacturing company that indicate the quality of the ball. Which ball tiers are very good its price little bit higher than a regular ball. So it is better to choose the beginner to intermediate tier balls but it is ideal for recreational play.


As regular duty balls are best for clay courts, you have to choose the size of a standard duty tennis ball. Mostly 7 to 7.30 cm balls are used for clay courts or slower surfaces.

Which One Should I Buy?

Now, this one is a general question because it seems all these products are excellent. Also, This is technically right, but here are the top 3 picks according to my research. So, the best tennis balls for clay courts.

Why You Need Special Balls For Clay Courts

We know that clay court balls are also regular-duty tennis balls. Because it is not going to fluff up nearly as much. So it is allowed to play faster and move quicker in the air. Otherwise, if the ball is fluffing up then it collects more clay moisture. Most of the ball manufacturer companies make balls for different surfaces and packing is more different from other brands to make sure to pay extra attention.

  • Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty
  • Penn ATP World Tour Regular Duty
  • Babolat French Open Regular Duty


Q: What is the difference between hardcourt and clay court tennis balls?

A: Extra-duty thick balls are used on hard or grass courts known as hard-court balls. On the other hand, regular duty less thickened balls are used for clay courts.

Q: Can I play all courts with the clay-court ball?

A: Most people don’t know that there are four tennis courts as familiar people are only aware of the hard courts and clay courts. The four tennis courts are clay courts, hard courts, grass courts, and carpet courts, depending on the surface material. The different court requires different types of balls. You can use clay court for all courts, but you do not get the best performance.

Q: What is the slowest tennis surface?

A: Clay surface or clay courts are considered the slowest tennis surface because it slows down the ball’s speed. Though clay slows down the speed of the ball, it creates a higher bounce.

Q: Are clay courts better for knees?

A: Yes, clay courts are considered better for knees and back problems, and that’s why older people are suggested to play tennis on clay courts. Clay courts put less pressure on knees than other types of courts.


The top list of best tennis balls for clay courts is here, and it’s time to select a single product. I have already made it easier by showing our top 3 picks. However, now it’s your turn to choose one.

If you skip the buying guide, then I am requesting you to read it. It must help you to choose the appropriate product for you. Hopefully, you will be benefitted from this article. Thank you.

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