Alternative to Tennis Balls on Walker

Alternative to Tennis Balls on Walker: 10 Best Reviews

Have you decided to use walker balls in your walker? Excellent decision. But before trying it, you need to achieve some knowledge about it. How to Alternative to Tennis Balls on Walker?

Why and How to Use? You have many options to use these tennis balls on walkers to your home, school, or any other institution. It is really helpful and saves the floor scribing and friction.

In this article, I will discuss why you will use it. How will you use it, and is safe it for you or not? So, further, any discussion, let’s go to the main points.

Why Do People Put Tennis Balls on Walker?

There are some reasons for using tennis balls on the walker. The main advantage of using it is to gain a little more traction and stability. As it has more surface area, it will provide more traction. So the best way to cut tennis balls for walkers?

Further, this Pre-cut ball protects floors from scuffs and scrapes. Besides, the walker-ball glides smoothly across most surfaces. Do those balls have many colors? Which one do you like most? Even so example, the Duromed tennis walker ball

Walkers generally come with rubber tips on the bottom. They are not slippy enough to move easily. Sometimes they can cause harm to carpets. If you use a walking ball, then you won’t face this problem.
Nobody likes dirty walkers. If you use a walker ball, you will get rid of dirt on the leg of your walker.

How to Select an Alternative to Tennis Balls on Walker with Reviews

We found the best pre-cut tennis balls and walker glide balls that are included here. Also, this article not only reviews but also shows you how to make a pre-cut tennis ball for a walker. Here are different walker glides or pre-cut tennis balls. Which one is your choice, pick up? So let’s go to check out their reviews

Alternative to Tennis Balls on Walker

1. Really Good Stuff Quiet Chair Stay-Put Foot Cover

In the first recommendation, I love to mention a product from Really Good Stuff. And this one is the Quiet Chat Foot Cover. It is a set of 24 black and white tennis balls. This supportive foot cover for the chair fits perfectly for any chair. They are highly suggested for classrooms, offices, and similar institutions. Best way to the pre-cut tennis ball, the instruction below this article

Key Features

  • Noise reduction technology to drag the chair silently.
  • Don’t let the floor gets scratched.
  • 3 inches diameter of measurement fits any chair and desk.
  • Recommended using single-seat chairs and desks.


  • Nothing found
best walker tennis ball-pre cut ballspre cut tennis balls for walker

2. The Classics Chair Sox, Yellow, 4 Count (TPG-230)

Let’s check out another silent solution for your steel leg chairs. The Classic Chair Sox is a set of 4 yellow color Tennis balls. And these versatile balls fit any chair. It is ready to use, and the pre-cut design will save you time from cutting them individually. You have to open the pack and adjust it with your chairs.

Key Features

  • It eliminates irritating noise created by shuffling chairs.
  • A pack of 4 is perfect for one chair.
  • It is straightforward to assemble.
  • Suggested for use in classroom and office.


  • Poor Packing

pre cut tennis balls for walker
3. The Classics Chair Sox Blue 4 Count Set

You can also try the blue set of Classic Chair Sox. It is also a set of four blue color Tennis balls. And so, it fits a chair or desk just perfectly. You can use this set of chairs sox in the classroom or office. They work great to reduce noise while moving the chair or dragging on the floor.

Key Features

  • This pack of Tennis balls comes with a 6 x 2.5 x 8-inch diameter.
  • The balls are pre-cut and ready to use.
  • They eliminate chair shuffling noise.
  • Fits any single-seat chair and desk.


  • Nothing found

pre cut tennis balls for walker
4. Penn, Wilson, etc. 80 PreCut Pre-Cut Tennis Balls for Chairs

If you are looking for a Tennis ball set for around 20 chairs, I suggest you. Chair sox of Penn, Wilson comes with a set of 80 balls. As it comes with a huge amount, it is suggested for use in office, canteen, and classroom. For the floor, it works great, and keep it scratch-less.

Key Features

  • The balls come with a pre-cut design.
  • They are easy to assemble and ready to use.
  • Noise reduction technology to help you move a chair silently.
  • Each Tennis ball is around 2 3/8″ in size diameter.


  • Large size pack
best walker tennis ball-pre cut ballspre cut tennis balls for walker

5. 200 PreCut Recycled Tennis Balls For Chairs (Bulk)

Let’s take a look at 200 PreCut Recycled Tennis Balls. It is a versatile package and contains approximately 200 balls that are ready to use. These balls will make your office, home, or school quiet and keep the floors safe from unwanted damage. They will fit on the feet of all kinds of chairs and tables.

Key Features

  • Removes noises while moving chairs, tables, and other furniture.
  • Protects the floor from scratches and bumps.
  • Comes in a suitable cut to fit perfectly on standard tables and chairs’ bottoms


  • Nothing found

pre cut tennis balls for walker
6. Mabis Dmi Healthcare Pre-Cut Walker Glide Balls, Purple,

Here are Mabis Dmi Healthcare Pre-Cut Walker Glide Balls, which are ready to use. This package contains a pair of purple-colored balls. These balls are Pre-Cut in perfect sizes to fit any furniture with footholds. This package is great for home use.

Key Features

  • Ready to use, and users don’t need to cut the balls.
  • Protects the floor from scratches and uneven marks.
  • Glides on almost all types of surfaces.
  • Comes in a hassle-free lightweight package.


  • Don’t need cut balls
best walker tennis ball-pre cut ballspre cut tennis balls for walker

7. Drive Medical Deluxe Walker Rear Tennis Ball Glides, Yellow

Check out Drive Medical Deluxe Walker Rear Tennis Ball Glides by Drive Medical. They are made of plastic material, which ensures long-lasting durability. Each package contains a pair of balls that perfectly fill most of the tennis walkers. It offers a superior gliding facility.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up on the tennis walkers.
  • Offers a safe and smooth gliding experience.
  • Removes excessive noise and protects the floor from potential scratches.
  • Offers superior durability compared to plastic glide caps.


  • Nothing Found
pre cut tennis balls for walker

8. NOVA Medical Products Walker Glide Skis

Nova Medical Products also include a nice set of chair sox or Walker Glide Skis. It is actually not for chairs, but walker stands with 2-wheel legs and two bare legs. This glide set is of a pair of skis, and they are gray in color. It makes the walker easy to move and keeps the floor cleaner.

Key Features

  • Each of the glide Skies is 1 1/8 inches in diameter.
  • The universal size fits any walker glide perfectly.
  • It reduces noise and doesn’t let the floor get scratched.
  • Provides extra safety for the patients.


  • Hospital use for best result 

pre cut tennis balls for walker

9. Drive Medical Replacement Tennis Ball Glide Pads

If you are looking for an alternative to Tennis balls to use chair sox, try Drive Medical Glide pads. It is a set of 4 yellow color glide pads. These glide pads are very easy to assemble. They provide additional security to move the walker and chairs for the patients. And so, it is recommended to use in hospitals and classrooms.

Key Features

  • The set of 4 pads is only 0.06 Pounds in weight.
  • They are made of high-quality rubber and are quite durable.
  • Good for eliminating distracting noise.
  • Make the movement smooth and quiet.


  • Nothing Found
best walker tennis ball-pre cut ballspre cut tennis balls for walker

10. Tulimed Gray Tennis Balls on Walker Ski Glides

I have another suggestion if you want to try a set of one-pair glides. Timed Gray Walker Glides are very durable and protective. A heavy-duty design helps you use it in any place like a hospital. Also, it won’t crack so easily like the Tennis balls. Moreover, it fits any 1-inch diameter tube leg of a chair, desk, and walker.

Key Features

  • Comes with easy assembly and tool-free installation.
  • Let the users glide quietly and smoothly over any type of surface.
  • Universal size lets it fit with any walker’s legs.
  • Very high-quality plastic is used to make it durable.


  • Nothing Found
pre cut tennis balls for walker

11. Penco Walker Ski Glides Universal, Silver Gray

And here, we are in the final recommendation, and it is Penco Walker Ski Glides. It is a set of only one-piece glides. It is durable and ready to use. This glide works well on any floor of its Anti-Slip and shock-absorbing technology. Unlike a Tennis ball, it won’t crack so easily.

Key Features

  • Fit any tube leg from 1 to 1 1/8 inches in diameter.
  • Eliminates noise and scratches on the floor.
  • Make the movement of the chair and walker smooth and calm.
  • The self-fitting mechanism will make it easy to assemble.


  • Nothing Found
best walker tennis ball-pre cut ballspre cut tennis balls for walker

Let’s get the points at a glance.

  • More traction and stability.
  • Protectant carpets and floors from scrapes and scuff marks.
  • Anywhere easy to move.
  • Keeps the walker clean.
  • Help your favorite pet’s busy.
  • Very high environment friendly
  • To remove or easy to recycle

Best way to cut tennis balls for walkers?

What are walker balls? Most of us are familiar with the term “Walker ball.” Here I will help you to gain a bit more knowledge about the walker ball. Pre-cut tennis balls. Walker balls are pre-ready and pre-cut tennis-ball that are used on the feet of a walker. Older people generally use it who don’t have enough strength to walk properly. It helps to walk faster.

Sometimes young kids use it. They feel restricted inside the kid’s walker. Ball walkers are free. Walker tennis balls don’t fit all types of walkers. You have to take the measure and select balls according to the size.

How do you Put Tennis Ball on Walker?

Does it seem tough? No, it is just a 2-minute task. At first, you may get it complex, but it will be easy after 2 times of practice. Let’s get the steps to put a tennis ball on the walker. How to cut tennis balls for walkers. Pre-cut tennis balls So follow the instruction

This is a straightforward way to cut your tennis ball. It easy peasy things you can do in your home or whenever you need them. Read our Black Tennis Balls on the walker.

Step 1: Stabilize the Tennis Ball

If you know how to stabilize, it will take just 30 minutes. If you a pre-stabilized ball, then you don’t need to do it.

Step 2: Create a Hole

Now make an initial hole into the place where the cut will start. You can use a knife, nail, hammer, or any sharp tool.

Step 3: Make an X

Not start from the whole and create an ‘X’ into the ball. Be careful while cutting. Most people feel it easy. But it is the toughest task.

Step 4: Set the Ball

Now open up the flap and up the legs into the ball. Don’t open up too much. You can use tape or glue to ensure stability.

Should I Use Tennis Balls on Walker?

There is a controversy about this question. Some people take the use of walker balls positively, and some take it negatively.

Many people have some miserable experiences with a walker ball. Remember, you need to have some balance and know the way to use it. If you feel you can control your use property, it makes your life easier, and then you can use tennis balls on the walker.

Question and Answer (FAQ)

Pre-cut tennis balls for classroom chairs?
There are many chairs in the classroom. It is crucial to know that you want to protect your floor or surface; you should use a pre-cut tennis ball. Further, we mentioned earlier how to cut a tennis ball on the walker, So, follow this instruction

Pre-cut black tennis balls?
All kinds of tennis balls are the same formula to make a pre-cut tennis ball on a walker. Nothing different with their color and size. So follow the step to make this

Pre-cut tennis balls for chair legs?
We use many chairs in our classroom, school, and office, and we always notice that when we pull the chair or sit on the chair while seeing the little line. So it isn’t very comfortable, and your surface needs to protect or plastic. We recommend the please best way to the pre-cut tennis ball.

Pre-cut tennis ball for a walker?
First of all, choose a tennis ball, then go to the step by step 1 Stabilize the Tennis Ball, 2 Create a Hole, 3 Make an X, 4 Set the Ball. It is the best way to cut tennis balls for walkers. So enjoy your first pre-cut ball.

Pre-cut tennis balls Walmart
Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets; many stores, departments, grocery, etc. And most of them you get many pre-cut tennis balls here.

Pre-cut tennis balls for school chairs?
Every school has many chairs to sit down on; these are necessary but not removable. To save your floor or sound, you should use a pre-cut tennis ball.

Bottom Line

If you look at the positive sites, then the Alternative to Tennis Balls on Walker helps lead a smooth life. I have discussed the way to use it and the reasons to use it. Before you use them in your walker, learn about the ways and tips to use them. Hopefully, your life will be smoother by having a tennis ball in your walker.

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