Extra Duty Vs Regular Duty Tennis Balls

Best Extra Duty Vs Regular Duty Tennis Balls; A Complete Guide Between Them

Are you a beginner, intermediate, or PRO tennis player? And thinking to play with any tennis ball as long as it is round and nicely covered in felt? Whatever is your skill level, picking the right tennis ball relies on the court type. Today we show you Extra Duty Vs Regular Duty Tennis Balls.

All tennis balls are looking alike. That doesn’t mean you can play tennis with any tennis ball. Tennis balls are different in type. You can improve your tennis skill when you learn about the tennis ball type depending on the court and situation.

This article discusses in-depth information about the best tennis balls. Also, I will share a comparison of extra duty vs. regular duty tennis balls, buying guide, and FAQ to let you pick the right tennis ball type. Let’s read below.

What is the difference between extra duty and regular duty tennis balls?

If you play on the hard court you need the extra duty tennis balls because the court needs the ball that will wear down less quickly. On the other side, Regular duty balls have a thicker felt, it is not woven not as tightly around the ball core that why it will perform better.

Extra Duty Vs Regular Duty Tennis Balls 

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Most of the tennis balls come in two versions, like extra duty vs regular duty tennis balls. They are different courts used and a little similar. Regular duty tennis ball, meant for soft clay tennis surfaces, and indoor courts. It has a softer felt but does not last as long on hard courts.

On the other side, Extra duty tennis ball, is meant for a hard surface court. The felt on the ball is woven with more wool to help resist harder courts. And it makes them last longer for outdoor hard court.

Also, If you play on a hard court surface, you need Extra Duty tennis balls. On the other hand, If you play on a clay court surface, you need Regular Duty tennis balls. So all this is different to use on a tennis court. Let’s go to check the reviews.

First of all, we cover the 6 best regular duty tennis balls after that we cover the next 6 extra duty tennis balls, and between them are the regular duty vs extra duty tennis balls.

Reviews of the 6 Best Regular Duty Tennis Balls

The below-reviewed balls are the ideal choice for soft courts. Also, you can pick them for practicing and other recreational uses. If you play on a clay court surface, you need Regular Duty tennis balls. Let’s read below.

Extra Duty Vs. Regular Duty Tennis Balls

1. Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Ball

This tennis ball is suitable for tennis players who play and teach tennis. The Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Ball is durable. The bounce is consistent, and you will never face trouble when playing with it. It is a pack of 24 cans.

Every can has 3 balls in it, and it comes with a case so that the user can easily carry it to the ground. The balls are designed with regular duty felt, making them an ideal ball for indoor or clay courts. Optimum visibility is ensured due to the smart optic felt.

These balls feature Encore Technology for a 22% longer-lasting core. When you need to practice for an extended period, these balls will be your best companion. High tenacity extended play felt is used in these balls, and for this reason, consistency never gets hampered when you play with them for a long time.

What we liked most:

  • Encore technology makes it 22% longer lasting than other regular-duty tennis balls.
  • Let its user play tennis for a long time.
  • A suitable choice for indoor or clay courts

What Could be better:

  • A few customers complain that the ball seems flat.

Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Balls

2. Wilson Championship Regular Duty Tennis Ball Case

Are you looking for a ball that will help you improve your tennis skill on a clay court? Look no further and buy the Wilson Championship Regular Duty Tennis Ball Case. The specialty of these tennis balls is; they are dedicated to clay courts only.

When you practice, choose this tennis ball case. The balls are great and exactly as expected. They are for clay court use and are not expected to be highly durable. The price is wallet-friendly too. Many beginners stated that they had gained improved performance playing with this ball.

However, you also can use them for recreational play. These balls are incredibly durable because of the Dura-weave felt. This kind of fiber ensures the longevity of the ball. Also, they repel water nicely to give you nice playtime on the court. These balls’ great thing is the US Open, Australian Open Grand Slam Championship, and NCAA Tennis use them in practice.

What we liked most:

  • Highly durable since they have Dura-weave felt.
  • Designed for tournament, practice, and recreational use.
  • Approved by USTA and ITF.

What could be better:

  • A bit pricey.

Wilson Championship Regular Duty Ball

3. DUNLOP Grand Prix Regular Duty All Court Tennis Balls

The DUNLOP Grand Prix Regular Duty All Court Tennis Balls are manufactured to be used on any surface. Offering consistent performance is the prime characteristic of these tennis balls. When you play some deep volleys, these balls will deliver the ideal bounce, significant swings, and serves.

You will hardly find a tennis ball that is brighter than these tennis balls. DUNLOP tennis balls are 14% brighter than any other regular tennis balls in its class because the manufacturer uses “MaxGlo” felt in them. As a result, a player sights the ball easily and decides precisely about the next shot.

The balls’ rubber core is formulated with a combo of 14 ingredients to enhance the performance of a player. These tennis balls are ideally suited for use in tournaments and deliver stable playtime on different surfaces.

What we liked most:

  • Approved by ITF
  • MaxGlo felt improves the visibility of the ball.
  • Consistent bounce makes it an ideal tennis ball for practice and tournaments.

What could be better:

  • Unavailability of main cons.

DUNLOP Grand Prix Regular Duty All-Court Tennis Balls

4. PENN Coach Pressurized Regular Duty Tennis Ball

“Practice makes a man perfect” – this saying matches perfectly with tennis. However, when you don’t have the right tool to hone your skill through practice, you can’t make yourself the best in any sector. The PENN Coach Pressurized Regular Duty Tennis Balls are ideal for training sessions with a coach or a machine.

After following many quality control processes, the manufacturer launches these tennis balls on the market. This means, in terms of quality, you can’t raise any questions. The balls take the right swing even at full speed and don’t take unusual bounces. Playing with the ball will improve your skill over time.

The most exciting thing is the balls use advanced technology to ensure their durability. Durable felt guarantees that all tennis court balls would play like new for as long as possible. All courts tennis balls will play like new for as long as possible. The right side of the ball lets you use it for any practice machine. Overall, it is a perfect tennis ball for beginners.

What we liked most:

  • Made of durable felt for long-lasting service.
  • Right swing and ideal bounce make it a perfect tennis ball for practice.
  • Best choice for beginners.

What could be better:

  • Slightly cosmetic blemishes.

Penn Coach Pressurized Tennis Balls

5. WILSON WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty Ball Case

Ever wondered which tennis balls are used in the tennis grand slam matches? These WILSON Regular Duty tennis balls are the official ball of the US Open. You might be thinking, why are these balls selected for the US Open? What is the specialty of these balls? Brilliant playability, superior consistency, and extreme durability is the main reason for use in the US Open for the last 42 years.

Yellow-colored felt ensures that there will be no issue in the visibility of the ball. It is also manufactured for clay courts and recreational uses, as well as practicing on hard courts. The felt fiber is highly durable which reduces wear and tear.

The ball will let you play in high-altitude courts, which are more than 3500’. This unique feature makes it one of the best regular-duty tennis balls available on the market. Its unique felt design also makes this thing possible. The USTA and ITA-approved ball is a pack of 24 cans where every can contains 3 balls.

What we liked most:

  • Used in US Open since 1978.
  • Durable and Regular duty tennis ball
  • Advanced tech felt design enhances playability and consistency.

What could be better:

  • More expensive.

Wilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty

6. Dunlop ATP Regular Duty Tennis Balls

Dunlop is another top-rated company well known for manufacturing premium quality tennis balls at an affordable price. The Dunlop ATP Regular Duty Tennis Ball is also no exception that is the right choice for ATP tours, practice sessions, and soft courts.

The unique secret rubber core formula is used to manufacture this ball. A total of 14 different ingredients make it a durable ball compared to its competitor. These balls can also withstand pressure due to the Dura-felt cloth technology. Although these balls are formulated to be used in soft courts, you can also use them when practicing hard courts.

Woven is used in the felt that gives a fantastic feeling to users. These balls are brighter than other softballs since the manufacturer uses the MaxGlo mechanism in this ball. As a result, a player’s reaction time improves. All in all, these balls focus on enhancing the overall skill of a tennis player.

What we liked most:

  • It offers consistent performance even at high pressure.
  • 14 different ingredients confirm the durability of these balls.
  • Brighter than other tennis balls.

What could be better:

  • Unavailability of significant cons.

 DUNLOP ATP Regular Duty Tennis Balls

The 6 Best Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Now, these extra-duty tennis balls are from top-notch manufacturers that tell they are made of premium materials and approved by USTA & ITF. If you play on a hard-court surface, you need Extra Duty tennis balls. Let’s read about the extra duty tennis balls.

Extra Duty Vs Regular Duty Tennis Balls

1. Penn Pro Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Many tennis players look for a tennis ball that offers superior playability all the time. The good news is that the Penn Pro Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Balls are renowned for their consistent performance and longest-lasting feature.

Those balls are great for any use, especially on hard courts. You can use these balls for a match and then use them for your ball machine. They last through a lot of hits! These are nice and springy and good for filling your hopper for a tennis lesson. They keep their pressure longer, felt do not ravel. The felt keeps its quality for a long time, and so does the bounce.

Buying by the case helps save a little money, and you’re never lacking a can of balls when you need one. After practicing with the ball, you will never look for other balls and buy them over and over again. This is an excellent choice for a personal ball machine.

What we liked most:

  • Great and durable for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Value-adding tennis ball suitable for machine use.
  • Superior quality extra duty tennis balls.

What could be better:

  • The balls get flat over time.

 Penn Pro Marathon Extra Duty

2. Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball

Continuous improvement is the most necessary thing in every game. Otherwise, you have to be ruled out from the competition. The Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball is promised to improve a player’s skill to become a PRO. The heavy-duty felt of these balls makes them tournament-level balls.

Generally, different tennis balls are available in the market, and all balls are not durably made. Thus, many tennis players look for durable tennis balls, and these Wilson balls are the solution for them. Dura-weave technology ensures that you can play with them for a more extended period, and the performance of the ball will remain the same for many days. This means you don’t need to change the balls frequently.

The balls are lighter than other regular tennis balls. The manufacturer’s name and printed number make them easy to pick when practicing the court with other players. It comes with a beautiful case that can easily be carried into a bag. Water-repelling performance is excellent, and this way, you will have a great time on the court.

What we liked most:

  • Quick reaction time and fast through the air.
  • Tournament-level tennis ball.
  • Lightweight and available in a nice case.

What could be better:

  • Over time, you will get an uneven bounce.

Wilson Championship Extra Duty

3. Penn Pro Marathon Extra-Duty Tennis Ball

The Penn Pro Marathon Extra-Duty Tennis Ball is a pack of 12 balls, 4 cans contain 3 balls, and comes affordable. It is a no. 1 choice in the USA by both professional and beginner tennis players. Moreover, it is the Official Ball of the USPTA for more than 37 years.

So, why are these balls popular among tennis players? Penn’s Encore Technology is the main reason behind this. Since we invest money in these balls, we all want them to perform for many days. The mentioned feature guarantees the longevity of the balls. At the same time, better playability is confirmed.

Like all other Penn Pro tennis ball models, these balls also have Optik felt to prevent visibility problems. Spectators, players, and umpires can see the ball. It also helps to improve the accuracy of both players and umpires. The extra-duty felt makes them an ideal tennis ball for clay, grass, carpet, and Omni courts.

What we liked most:

  • A suitable extra-duty tennis ball for multiple courts.
  • Prevents visibility problems with the help of Optik felt.
  • USPTA’s Official Ball of the USPTA for the last 37 years

What could be better:

  • Not great for hard courts.

Penn Pro Marathon Extra-Duty

4. DUNLOP ATP Super Premium Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Perfect serves and powerful returns are significantly essential to improving the skill and winning a game in tennis. The DUNLOP ATP Super Premium Extra Duty Tennis Balls are great balls to play on hard courts. Moreover, these balls are the best choice for competitive matches and high-level play—worth the extra money in those instances.

The great thing about these balls is, that they received approvals from the USTA and ITF to play tournament league. Both professional and amateur tennis players will be satisfied playing with these balls. In order to ensure consistent performance, these balls feature HD Pro Core.

Additionally, HD Pro Cloth is used to cover the balls that confirm the highest visibility. Simultaneously, these balls have long-lasting quality. Seams of the balls allow it to get the perfect bounce and right spin on clay, grass, and hard courts.

What we liked most:

  • The felt design is durable for long-term use.
  • HD Pro Core ensures consistent performance of the balls.
  • It prevents visibility problems and improves accuracy.

What could be better:

  • A bit bouncy on soft courts.

DUNLOP ATP Super Premium Extra Duty

5. Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Every year, a total of 70,000 Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls are used in the US Open. Undoubtedly, these balls come with premium quality features. These balls come in a nice can, and you can open them when you need them and keep the pressure. The balls don’t go flat as quickly as others and retain a nice bounce for longer than others.

Superior quality wool, denser, and thicken felt lets you play with the balls for an extended period without any hassle. Enjoyable playtime is confirmed with the highest reliability. The most amazing thing about these balls is their Tex/Tech feel. These balls have an excellent swing due to this feature, and accuracy is gained in your shots.

These balls are formulated for hard courts, and thus you will receive many benefits from playing with them, although these are all-courters balls. The texture is friendly with the printed logo of the manufacturer Wilson. Overall, this pack is worth the money.

What we liked most:

  • Superior quality materials make it an ideal choice for hard courts.
  • Best performer in hard courts.
  • The manufacturer is proudly providing balls to the US Open

What could be better:

  • Some players receive less bounce in soft courts.

Wilson US Open Extra Duty

6. DUNLOP Grand Prix Extra Duty Hard Court Tennis Balls

Last but not least, the final position of the best extra duty balls goes to the DUNLOP Grand Prix Extra Duty Hard Court Tennis Balls. 14 different ingredients are used in the rubber core to give it a durability feature. These balls offer extreme durability and superior performance on hard courts.

Not only the rubber core but also the topcoat is made of premium quality woven felt. The manufacturer states that these balls are 14% brighter than other balls because they used MaxGlo technology while manufacturing DUNLOP Grand Prix Hard Court Tennis Balls. No problem is the visibility means better accuracy in the shots all the time.

Tennis balls constantly face high-speed impacts from racket and surface, and cheaper tennis balls can’t withstand these impacts. The good news is that; the felt is specially tailored to withstand abrasion. As a result, playing with them on indoor and clay courts will never be an issue. Besides, these balls are water-resistant.

What we liked most:

  • USTA and ITF approved.
  • Assist a player in improving the tennis volley and serves.
  • Wallet-friendly price.

What could be better:

  • Not so familiar compared to its rivals.

DUNLOP Grand Prix Extra Duty Hard Court

How to Choose an Ideal Tennis Ball – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Tennis balls are significantly essential tennis gear. Before buying the tennis balls, it is necessary to learn about the best tennis balls. If you don’t know what makes the tennis balls best, chances are there you will end up with wrongly selected tennis balls. In the end, the expected improvement will be unachievable. 

I believe this buying guide will help you in picking the right tennis balls that meet your needs. Read our Best Tennis Balls for hard Court, Did you find your answer? extra duty vs regular duty tennis balls. However, Wilson is extra duty vs regular duty tennis balls and gets the advantage of the same ball.

Tennis Ball Types

You will find 3 different types of tennis balls in the market.

Recreational Balls: Suitable for use in the machine.

Championship Balls: A bit pricier than recreational balls, and league matches are played with these balls type.

Professional Level Balls: High-quality tennis balls designed for professional tennis players.Extra Duty Vs. Regular Duty Tennis Balls

Pressurized vs. Pressureless

The difference between pressurized and pressureless balls will also help you to pick the right tennis balls. So, what are the definitions of these balls? Pressure-less Balls: Specially designed for beginners, tennis ball machines, recreational uses, and practice.

They are bouncy because of the rubber shell structure. These balls are much more durable. They are a bit heavier and harder to play. Pressurized Balls: These balls are used in tournaments and leagues. They have consistent bounce because internal air pressure is the reason for their bouncy characteristics.

Over time, air pressure gets reduced, and they start losing their bouncy features. 2 – 3 weeks is the lifespan of good quality pressurized balls, while cheaper pressurized balls last a long maximum of 1 or 2 matches.

High Altitude

Extreme quality felt is used to manufacture high-altitude tennis balls. So, what are the high-altitude courts? According to ITF, equivalent or more than 4000 ft. higher tennis courts are considered high-altitude courts. For this type of court, manufacturers make particular types of balls that reduce multiple issues and offer enjoyable playtime.

Extra Duty Vs Regular Duty Tennis Balls

The main difference between extra duty vs regular duty is that regular duty play is tighter because of minimal fluffing and quicker performance throughout the air. On the other hand, extra duty has additional fluff which sitting on the strings longer.

Finally, creating a sensation that the ball is heavier to play with. Both are really excellent performer balls. The definitions of extra duty and regular duty tennis balls will let you understand the difference. 

Extra-Duty Tennis Balls

When you are playing on hard courts, choose extra-duty tennis balls. The reason is, that hard courts are much more abrasive than soft courts. Extra-duty tennis balls are designed to withstand the high impacts created by the surface. The felts are thicker and denser, which means these balls perform longer and better. Best Tennis Balls for machine

Regular Duty Tennis Ball

Pick regular-duty tennis balls if you are frequently playing on clay or indoor courts. When playing on a clay court, clay can enter into a felt problem when playing. Regular duty tennis balls have thinner felt, and this way, clay can’t enter into these balls and reduces puff up.

What other kinds of tennis balls are there?

You may notice before I talked about the hard and clay courts. There are many balls that you should know of that are grass court and high altitude tennis balls. So let’s have a look!

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a difference between tennis balls?

Yes, there are huge differences in tennis balls because of tennis courts. Extra duty tennis balls for hard courts and Regular duty tennis balls for clay court surfaces. Sometimes, the type of bounce is required. The difference is regular duty tennis balls play tighter because of minimal fluffing,

which results in faster performance through the air. On the other hand, The extra duty tennis ball has additional fluff, which results in the ball, sitting on the very strings longest, also, it forming a sensation that the ball is heavier.

Why do tennis balls have numbers in them?

In fact, the printed numbers on tennis balls don’t have any meaning. These are used only to identify the balls effortlessly. The numbers will avoid getting mixed up with other balls when practicing with many players. This will help you to take all your tennis balls home.

Why do tennis balls for kids come with different color codes?

Tennis balls for kids are available in 4 different colors.

  • Red: Suitable for less than 8 years of kids.
  • Orange: These balls are slightly smaller than red and best for 9 – 10 years of age kids.
  • Yellow: You should choose yellow-colored tennis balls if your kid’s age is more than 11.
  • Green: These are tournament balls.

Should I buy tennis balls from the brand?

Note that brands confirm the quality of a product, and this statement is true for all products. A few big names such as Penn, Wilson, Dunlop, Slazenger, etc., produce the best tennis balls in the market. In fact, tennis balls from brands will meet your every requirement.

How often should I replace tennis balls?

Remember, good quality tennis balls retain their bounce just for a few games. Since professional tennis players hit tennis balls harder, which makes the balls are eligible to show good performance for a maximum of 9 games.

Wrapping Up

The discussion was pretty long, right? Hopefully, with the above-shared reviews, buying guide, and extra duty vs. regular duty tennis ball discussion, you can find the best tennis balls for your game. We recommended these will be the best regular duty vs extra duty tennis balls.

It is advisable selecting a tennis ball type considering all your requirements. Let us know which tennis balls meet your needs. Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks for reading, extra duty vs regular duty tennis balls.

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