Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Review

Best Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Review

Continuous improvement is one of the mandatory factors in all games. Every day new techniques are taking place. And if you can’t cope with these techniques, you will be unable to stay in the competition. Try to use its first-time Lobster tennis ball machine review here to know about it.

The lobster tennis ball machine will be a value-for-the-money product for every tennis player. These machines are ideal tennis practice machines for all skill levels and ages.

However, tennis ball machines are expensive, and you can’t pick any model from the market. Proper research and comparison of the good and bad models will lead you to pick the ideal machine.

Best Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Review

Reading this review article, you will get a good idea if your tennis ball is the right fit for your practice. All reviewed machines are well-featured, which will assist you in improving your skill. In these best lobster tennis ball machines, what I have below may interest you. So let’s check the refurbished lobster tennis ball machine.

Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Review

1. Lobsters Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

Success doesn’t come without hard work. This Lobsters Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine will let you work hard so that it can feed the ball with multiple paces, spins, and elevations. It is a beginner-friendly tennis ball machine that is easy to use and comes at an affordable price.

Its ball capacity is 150, and it is battery-powered. With one charge it lasts up to 4 – 8 hours. You will find 6 different drills in this machine and designed so that you will get a real taste of playing tennis with the skill level of your opponents. If your match is against a power baseliner or slicer, set this machine accordingly, and practice diligently.

The great thing about this machine is, that you can limit the ball speed as per your requirement. Beginners can start at 10 mph and can go up to 80 mph. Feed frequency, elevation, and oscillation all are of premium quality.

Vertical and horizontal or both – this machine feeds the ball with arbitrary oscillation. It means approaching the shots on deep groundstrokes or on either side of the court will never be an issue. When you set the machine to both vertical and horizontal oscillation, you will have an excellent workout.

What we liked most:

  • Large wheels for convenient transport
  • Long handle for easy maneuvering
  • Long battery life
  • Top class features

What could be better:

  • The remote control needs to buy separately

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Lobsters Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

2. YLOVOW Tennis Ball Machine Trainer

The YLOVOW Tennis Ball Machine Trainer is made of ABS material, a lightweight, and longer-lasting tennis ball machine with a 6-line functionality feature. This machine will deliver the ball in 6 different locations, and you can improve your back and forth strokes.

It has a mobile-friendly app that can be connected to the machine through Bluetooth. Using the machine, adjusting the angle, speed, and ball frequency is a breeze. You can use this machine conveniently which is full of different functionality. If you are a tennis lover, this machine will be your best companion in a training session.

Rubber feet at the front side allow the machine to stay in its place comfortably. Random line scanning is an advanced functionality of the device that sends balls in 6 different coverage lines. This feature will come worthy based on the forward speed, rotation, and speed.

The machine doesn’t take much time to get charged. Once it reaches full charge, it will feed the ball continuously for 4 hours with 140 mph maximum speed. The hopper comes with a removable feature for easy storage. Using the machine is effortless and if you face any problem operating it, take assistance from the manual available with it.

What we liked most:

  • Equipped with multiple functions
  • 1 battery pack is available
  • Modifiable functions
  • Made of ABS material

What can be better:

  • Bulkier compared to its competitor

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YLOVOW Tennis Ball Machine Trainer

When buying an ideal tennis ball machine, learning about different considerations is significant. Below are the factors that you should keep in mind. We reviewed the Lobster tennis ball machines, now choose you. We reviewed the relevant like, ”Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine” Please read our review article Best intermediate tennis racquets.

Lobster Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Comparison with YLOVOW Tennis Ball Machine Trainer

Lobster Elite tennis ball machine for sale which is a feature that highlights, spin control, is lightweight and durable, easy to transport and this tennis ball machine offers manual or refurbished oscillation. lobster elite liberty, one, two, three, and elite grand four tennis ball machine. Lobster Elite tennis ball machine price is a little bit high for sale than another ball machine. On the other hand, The YLOVOW Tennis Ball Machine,

Ball Spin

The behavior of a tennis ball changes on the court due to ball spin. So, look for a tennis ball machine that is equipped with a ball spin feature. 

However, you will find this feature in every tennis ball thrower, from the cheapest to expensive machines. Every machine comes with backspin and topspin features. Fortunately, depending on your requirement, you can adjust the ball’s spin intensity. The ball spin range of the machine varies from machine to machine. Buy a machine that meets your requirement.

Ball Capacity

Although it is not a critical factor to consider by many people, it can make a huge difference between a good and bad tennis ball machine. Higher ball capacity means you will need to refill the machine less frequently. This means, less interruption will happen in your training session.

A range of standard tennis ball machines’ ball capacity is 150 – 200. Lobster tennis ball machines are used So, do you want to refill the machine too often? The answer will lead you to your required product. 

Lobster tennis ball machine review

Random Oscillation

Oscillation is an essential feature of a tennis ball machine. The ball delivery direction gets randomized due to this feature. Lobster tennis ball machines used

Inexpensive machines feature horizontal oscillation only. These machines will force you to hit the ball from side to side position. Generally, manual elevation adjustment is necessary for machines with horizontal oscillation.  

On the other side, expensive machines are available with both horizontal and vertical oscillations. You will be forced to move back and forth on the playground, and a wide range of hitting techniques need to be followed with vertical oscillation.

You should pick between expensive and inexpensive tennis ball machines according to your skill level. Beginners will be unable to play shots with a lot of variety.

Lobster tennis ball machine review

Portability & Durability

The general thumb rule is that the more features a machine has, the bulkier it will be. Lobster tennis ball machines used

However, tennis ball machines should come with portability & durability features. Sturdy material like ABS is durable as well as lightweight. So choose a model that is made of durable materials.

Why Buying a refurbished lobster tennis ball machine is Beneficial?

Without a lot of practice, you will be unable to make improvements in tennis. A tennis ball machine encourages a player to practice as well as improves muscles. On the other hand, Sometimes, you will have been tried because your tennis string combination become weak we give you another solution. 

Lobster Elite Grand V Limited Edition tennis ball machine that is refurbished, It is a refurbished new tennis ball machine which means it is refurbished with brand new parts. It is a great feature that is unparalleled on any tennis ball machine in the world.

Your Hitting Partner

If you are an inhabitant of a less populated area, you may not have access to people who can regularly join in the game. Lobster tennis ball machines are used. Also, all sports are not similarly popular in every area, and if tennis is not a popular sport in your locality, finding a hitting partner is troublesome.

At this point, a tennis ball machine will be your best companion. Use a tennis ball machine as your component to learning your skill. Accordingly, work to improve your hits. This means a tennis ball machine plays both a gaming partner and a teaching tool both.

Targeted Practice

As stated earlier, whatever your skill level is, continuous growth is ensured with regular practice. Similarly, learning updated techniques is part of tennis. Lobster tennis ball machines used

For this reason, a tennis ball machine is an excellent tool because it helps you to play repetitive shots. It is assisting you to improve confidence by translating your shots to skill.

Refurbished Lobster Tennis Ball  Machine 

Frequently Asked Question

Are lobster ball machines good?

Lobster is a unique and topspin tennis ball machine. It gave you a real good workout and it’s a very moderate speed. A tennis machine is a good workout and improves your game.

Do tennis PROS use tennis ball machines?

Look at the below statistics

  • Less than 10% of tennis PROs use tennis ball machines.
  • Clubs purchase 95% of tennis ball machines available in the market.
  • More than 40% of beginners start practicing with the tennis ball machine.
  • The given statistics tell clubs and beginners mostly use tennis ball machines.

Which lobster tennis ball machine is best?

Here is our list of the 5 best tennis ball machines, for beginner to intermediate and advanced tennis players.

  • Spinshot-Player – Best Overall Portable Machine.
  • Lobster Sports Elite 2. Beginner to Advanced
  • Spinshot-Plus – Best Intermediate Level Machine.
  • Spinshot-Pro. All player
  • Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable.

Why are tennis ball machines so expensive?

The tennis ball machines price depends on the below things

  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Labor
  • Non-machine expenses

All these points play a key role in making up a tennis ball machine cost. 

Who invented tennis the ball machine?

Rene Lacoste patented a hand-cranked tennis ball thrower associated with the sports giant Dunlop in 1920. He played a pioneering role in inventing the tennis ball machine.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading the lobster tennis ball machine review. A tennis ball machine is a great companion when you don’t have any hitting partner. Also, it assists you to learn the game faster than usual for sure.

These machines are easy to use, and investing in a tennis ball machine is highly useful in many ways. All you need to do is pick a versatile, portable model that helps you hit various shots and offers a long-time service. 

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