The 15 Best Hybrid Tennis String Combinations; Which One is Perfect for You!

Are you tired of changing your racket strings? Very often, we face this problem. You won’t have to face this problem if you can choose the best tennis string hybrid combinations. But finding them is not so easy because of duplicate products.

Today, I am here with the 15, best hybrid tennis string combinations reviews. For getting powerful and long-lasting strings, keep reading the article.

The list of Best Hybrid Tennis String Combinations in 2022

It’s really important to know that the Top 10 products are listed below but don’t worry others are in the description. So, let’s go to the reading!

Best Hybrid Tennis String Combinations

1. HEAD Gravity Tennis String Set

I can show several reasons for which I kept this string set at first in this list. Head Gravity tennis string set is widely used by many tennis companies. These strings perform very well, give proper friction against the tennis ball.

The black and grey color strings look intimidating to your opponents! How many tennis racquets can you string with this? you can be used for one single racquet per set. It can be used as both mains and cross.

Head gravity is one of the best tennis strings. It is a really great performer and we think it’s a good choice for all.


  • Length: Cross 6.5m – Main 5.5m
  • Gauge: Main 17g (1.25mm) – Cross 18g (1.20mm).
  • Helps to serve the ball faster.


  • Quite durable.
  • Gives an impressive service.


  • No flaws were detected.
HEAD Gravity Tennis String Set

2. Wilson Spin Effect Hybrid Tennis String

With many positive reviews, the Wilson Spin Effect 16mg Multifilament/17g Co-Poly Hybrid Tennis String made its place here. You can say this one is the best string for durability and string. The tennis string feels soft to the arm because of its hybrid combination.

The soft yet strong Multifilament secures durability. It is the best hybrid string combo string for durability and spin. For a better quality string undoubtedly select it. Because it is a spin effect hybrid multifilament.


  • Length: 41 feet(12.8meters)
  • Gauge: 16 Multifilament and 17 co-poly
  • Color: Co-poly- White, Multifilament- Natural.


  • Playability is awesome.
  • Can enhance the spin.


  • A bit pricy.

3. Luxilon Natural Tennis String

This manufacturing company serves the best keeping in mind the customers necessary. Luxilon Natural Tennis String is made of cow intestines.

The string gives the players the feeling of utmost playability. This product is for long-lasting protection. For those players who are lazy and don’t want to change strings from time to time, this is the best item for them.


  • The strings create low friction against the tennis ball.
  • It is made of 9 serosa ribbons.
  • This is available in 16 G and 16LG.


  • Unique product.
  • Long-term investment.


  • Cruelty detected.

4. Solinco Hyper Tennis String

If you want to know most the tennis players loved string, then here is this. There is a story behind the popularity of this string. It is one of the most famous hybrid tennis strings.

Back in 2016, in the Pro tour, Sam Querry started to use this string. He beat Djokovic in Wimbledon with this string and then all people noticed the ‘interesting green string’.


  • 40 feet(12.2m) of string in each pack.
  • Gauge: 17(1.20 mm).
  • Serves high spin.


  • Best for a spin.
  • In one package, you will get two packs.


  • Greem color may bother some people.

5. OEHMS Alu Pearl Rough Tennis String

This string is manufactured by the Wilson Company. They always make their products with the utmost care and sincerer. They test their design a lot before releasing it in the market, so you can blindly rely on this brand.

This tennis string is comprised of fluorocarbon resin fibers. It helps to control your ball and get a better feeling. It is one of the best hybrid string combinations.


  • 50% of professional players use this string.
  • Creates additional spins.
  • Powerful serves and super control.


  • Affordable price.
  • Quite durable.


  • The strings are a bit hard.

6. Wilson Champions Choice Hybrid Tennis String

This is a poly string made for extra spins and durability. Wilson Champions Choice Hybrid Tennis String offers great comfortable touch in hand. This hybrid racquet stringing is the most playable one.

The natural gut is made of natural serosa fibers from the cow intestine. It provides great durability and creates a faster spin.


  • Length: 40 feet/12.2 meters.
  • Gauge: 16 Gauge.
  • Made of natural serosa fibers and polyester.


  • Enough durable.
  • 98% playable.


  • Not free from cruelty.
best hybrid tennis string combinations

7. Luxilion ALU Power Tennis String

This is an ideal type of tennis string for all kinds of players. Luxilion ALU Power Tennis String has enough strength and long-lasting playability.

The result of this tennis string is extra spins and control over each serve. It will help you to control your shots more and precisely. With this string, top players play their regular matches.


  • Length: 12.2 m.
  • Diameter: 1.25mm.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Material: Co-polyester.


  • Made by qualified manufacturers.
  • Serves for a long time.


  • High priced.

8. Babolat RPM Blast (16-1.30mm) Tennis String Reel (Black)

Here comes a tennis string set full of advanced technology. The Babolat RPM Power Tennis String is a round-shaped string that increases the spin and controls each serves.

This string is best for those who are looking for some heavy and extra spins in your balls. The multifilament strings feel soft and offer great comfort.


  • Length: 20ft. of each string, total of 40 ft.
  • Color: Electric Brown/Natural.
  • Gauge: 17g/16g.


  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Gives long-lasting service.


  • Many players may not like the color.

9. Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String

Well, if you want to know the best tennis string hybrid combinations, then here it is. This one is the thinnest string set for a tennis racket. You must have to be experienced to play if you want to use this string.

For those players who love to play roughly and serves very sharply, this item is magnificent. Plus, the string helps to create perfect spins and control.


  • Length: 660 ft(200m).
  • Gauge: 20 (1.05mm).
  • Color: Silver


  • Beautiful color.
  • Best for pro-players.


  • Not good for rookie players.
Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String

10. CANON Red Ghost Tennis String

The last but not the least item on our list. CANON Red Ghost Tennis String is widely popular among professional players. The fast power control with perfect spin makes this tennis string wanted.

This is a tennis string full of all kinds of quality and necessary features. It provides comfort, perfect spin, great serve, great control, and a full setup. So, why not try these good hybrid tennis strings?


  • Proudly made in Germany.
  • Length: 660ft/200m.
  • Gauge: 18/1.18 mm.
  • Color: Neon Red.


  • Comfortable to play.
  • Affordable price.


  • The color may be disturbing.

11. Wilson LUXILON Big Banger Original 130 Reel, Amber, 16-Gauge

Looking for the best hybrid tennis racket? Wilson Lixulon is here with durable racket strings for ultimate performance. It provides tour-level power and control. The strings are made with big banger technology.

The strings also use poly-ether-ether blades. Your sewing will be more powerful as the strings ensure tremendous snapback. So, don’t miss these 16 gauge racket strings.


  • Size: 16 gauge.
  • Ultimate control with the string.
  • Compatible with big banger technology.


  • Supreme power.
  • Durable strings.


  • No one ever complained about this product.

12. Babolat Xcel Black 12M Multifilament Tennis String Set

Another product for ultimate power and control. This string set is manufactured by Babolat. These strings are used widely on the WTA pro and ATP tours.

The strings are arm-friendly as they provide good power because of their elasticity. The strings are made of polyurethane multifilaments. So, while playing, you will get a soft feel. So for the best game, order this product today.


  • Size: 40 feet.
  • Appropriate for professional use.
  • Material: Polyurethane multifilaments


  • Arm friendly and soft.
  • Great combination of power and control.


  • No one ever complained about this product.

13. Solinco Pro-Stacked Tennis String Reel-White-16

Get introduced to another popular synthetic gut string set powered by Solinco. The strings come in white color with a size of 16 gauge. It’s appropriate for playing in all types of courts as it is made of durable multi fibers.

The string is also compatible with the central power-core encapsulation feature. It ensures good control and high performance. So, for getting an exceptional power shot this strong string will be a very good choice.


  • Comes in white color.
  • Material: Multifibers and synthetic.
  • Size: 16 gauge
  • Appropriate for all court use.


  • Ensures high performance.
  • Provides great control.


  • If you want a colorful string the. You may not like the white color.

14. ASHAWAY Crossfire Zyex 17G Tennis String (Gold)

Ashaway is here with another long-lasting string. The strings are made of Zyex, an advanced material. It provides lower stiffness than inulin and polyester. The strings are perfect for the heavy-hitting game.

The string comes with a diameter of 17 gauge. This product looks stylish with gold color. So for crispy playability and better elongation, this product must be a cool option for you.


  • 17 gauge gold strings.
  • Material: Zyex.
  • Less stiffness and more powerful shot.


  • Appropriate for long-time use.
  • Extremely durable.


  • Hard to find any negative side.

15. Tier One Sports Firewire Boost – A Hybrid Co-Poly/Co-Poly Tennis String

We are at the last product on our list and it is an amazing string. It is a combination of half set T1- firewire and half set of ghost wire. It is popular for the co-polyester string which is known as one of the softest strings.

You must get an arm-friendly feel playing having these strings. It is a colorful string with red and white color. If you are looking for supreme ball bite combined strings then this product is perfect for you.


  • T1-Firewire length: 20.7 feet, Ghost wire length: 20 feet.
  • Red and white color (17 gauge).
  • Provides better control.
  • Arm-friendly string.


  • Affordable price.


  • Must check out the overall size and playing level recommendation.
Tier One Sports Firewire Boost

Buying Guide for the Best Hybrid Tennis String Combinations Reviews

You should keep in mind some features before buying the best set of tennis strings set. Here I mentioned some features- Best intermediate tennis racquets review you can also read our best article here.

1 Material

As you can see there are many types of materials used to make tennis strings. All of them have some advantages or disadvantages. Like, natural gut, nylon, or polyester. It is seen that professional players use natural guts most.

2 Durability

Durability is the key point of tennis strings. Many people complain that their tennis string tears very easily. The reason can be their string is a bit stiff so when they do harsh serves, it tears. So, choose soft type strings always.

3 Thickness

It is also called a gauge. It is always an important part of choosing a strong set. The difference between the gauge of strings makes the actual difference in playing. The thicker gauge will be durable even in harsh playing where the thinner tends to break down.

FAQ on the Best Hybrid Tennis String Combinations

What are the best tennis hybrid string combinations?

I have already discussed 15 products. Among them, I think “Solinco Pro-Stacked Tennis String Reel-White-16” will be a good option considering the overall feature.

What are hybrid tennis strings?

Hybrid tennis strings are made of dual string materials in the main and cross strings.

What is the best tennis string for control?

I think “Wilson LUXILON Big Banger Original 130 Reel, Amber, 16-Gauge” strings will be the best for control.

How do I choose a hybrid tennis string?

It is easy to get the best hybrid tennis string. You have to look after some facts. Here they are –

  • Long-lasting performance
  • Proper size
  • Highly durable
  • Arm-friendly
  • Less stiffness and more power
  • Ultimate control

How much does a hybrid tennis string cost?

They come at different prices. You can get one from just $10 to $200+ I don’t suggest you choose an ultra-cheap one. Try to get a brandy one at an affordable price.


I have already discussed the 15 best hybrid tennis string combinations reviews. All of them are highly durable and powerful. Must check out the size before choosing one. Also, read the guide and FAQs for the best product. Hopefully, you will find the best product from this article. Thank you!

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