Best Tennis Bags for Ladies

10 Best Tennis Bags for Ladies – Stylish and Spacious

Without any doubt, Tennis Is one of the most popular lady’s sports. But the problem is we cannot play tennis anywhere anyway. A tennis court is a must. However, when visiting a tennis court, we need to carry some essential gear for sure.

And a bag is essential to carry both of those tennis bats and other gears. So, we are here today to get introduced to the best tennis bags for ladies. An ideal tennis bag for ladies must have some particular features.

It must be spacious, easy to carry, comfortable, durable, contains multiple compartments, and so on. And here, we tried to find out some bags with all these features. Hopefully, you’ll get something better for your next match.

The 10 Best Tennis Bags for Ladies Reviews

1. Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

If you are looking for a racquet bag to store 3 racquets then I have an excellent recommendation and I like to begin the list with this bag. Well, I am talking about Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag.

This bag comes with 3 different color options and in a standard size. Multiple XL compartments are also there to help you organize all your gear properly. Besides, you can store oversized racquets too in this bag. In addition, it is quite comfortable and easy to carry.

Key Features

  • Black, pink, and red colors are available.
  • 14.69 x 12.52 x 2.87 inches of complete dimension.
  • Nearly to be 1 pound only.
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.
  • A large outside pocket for extra storage.


  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Large compartments.
  • Appealing outlook.


  • Some users can’t store extra oversized racquets in the bag.

best tennis bags for ladies

2. Athletico Premier Tennis Backpack

Some of you really love to carry so many things while going to tennis. For them, a tennis backpack is the best solution. And if you are looking for one, I would like to recommend Athletico Premier Tennis Backpack. It’s a large size backpack with many compartments.

One of the best tennis bags for ladies to use indoor or outdoor. This durable backpack is able to carry up to 2 tennis racquets both standard and oversized ones.

Besides, the bag includes a padded back and front sides that help you carry it more comfortably. Also, it is quite lightweight and not more than one and a half-pound.

Key Features

  • Comes in pink, blue, and back color.
  • Zippered personal pocket is there for storing smartphones, money, and keys.
  • A separated laptop compartment is also there too.
  • 600D polyester is used as the main ingredient.
  • A large bottle packet is also there too.


  • Compact and unisex design.
  • Vented tennis shoe compartment.
  • Fence hook hidden pocket.


  • For ladies, this backpack seems a little bit larger than usual.

3. Wilson Sporting Goods Women’s Backpack

Wilson Sporting Goods have brought a very handy and minimalist ladies’ tennis backpack and I am sure, you’ll love it anyway.

The best part of this backpack is its variations in design that let you choose any of three designs including a tote bag, minimalist handbag, and folding backpack. You will also get 3 different colors to choose including purple, black, and bottle green.

Additionally, this bag contains multiple large compartments and you can store tons of gear in it. Initially, you can store 1 or 2 tennis racquets too. So, don’t miss these best tennis bags for ladies’ backpacks. Therefore it is a tennis bag for women.

Key Features

  • Separated compartments for bottles and laptops are available.
  • Multiple internal slip pockets of different sizes.
  • This bag measures 16.5 x 7.5 x 15.5 inches.
  • Not more than 1.5 pounds.
  • A Zippered shoe bag is included and it is removable.


  • Ventilation for cleaning dirt.
  • Color and style variations.
  • Exterior and internal compartments.
  • Strapped and gripped straps.


  • The lining of this bag is sometimes ripped.

4. Fila Ultimate Tennis Bag

In the world of games, Fila is well-known. I can show you plenty of reasons for which you will love this bag. First of all, in this bag, you can take 2 racquets and even 4, if you need.

The foam-padded compartment protects the strings of your racquet. It’s also the best tennis bag for ladies, buy it as you need. Secondly, there is an insulated side pocket, the main part, and other small pockets for your accessories.

You can keep your racquets, balls, towels, shoes, bands, and phone altogether in this bag in different compartments.

Key Features

  • It has an air mesh back panel that feels comfortable when you carry the bag in your back.
  • A huge compartment to provide a place for at least 4 racquets.
  • There is an extra accessory pocket to hold your phone, gadgets, wallet, or small stuff.
  • In the insulated pocket, you can keep your drinks.
  • Keep your shoes in the shoe pocket, to keep your stuff organized.


  • Many pockets.
  • Compact but useful design.
  • Affordable budget.


  • No long straps for shoulder carrying.

5. Babolat Pure Backpack

This bag came to my top list for its stylish look and amazing pocket system. The compact design, comfortable feel, nice organizing system, and lightweight make this outstanding bag wanted by pro-tennis players.

It is lots of variation of tennis bags for women. Also, it is a simple but complete guide for you to use this bag. It has room for 2 racquets and this bag can stand on its own. The breathable pockets at the bottom of this bag carry extremely good features.

One headphone hole at the top of this bag is quite useful too. It’s the perfect woman tennis bag.

Key Features

  • The pockets are padded with soft foam to keep all stuff protected.
  • The adjustable mesh strap adds extra comfort while carrying the bag.
  • The breathable bottom pocket carries smelly shoes or sweaty dresses.
  • Smaller compartments help to keep your wallet, phone, or personal items organized.


  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Easily portable.
  • 2 different colors(black/grey)


  • A bit smaller bag.

6. DashSport Tennis Backpack

Now time for a very useful multi-usage bag from the DashSport. This is a very lightweight bag for men, women, and kids. Plus, customers reviewed that you can even use this backpack in school or college too with your books, laptop, or lunch.

It holds all your important stuff like clothes, a towel, balls, and 2 racquets. The soft and comfortable design helps it to transport by hand or shoulder. The huge room for other accessories is a thoughtful design.

Key Features

  • You can carry 2 tennis racquets in 2 different compartments padded with foam.
  • It has a breathable pocket at the bottom to carry your shoes or sweaty dresses.
  • Extra side pockets help to hold a water bottle or ball cans securely.
  • It has so many huge compartments that you can keep clothes, laptops or books in it.
  • The back and shoulder straps are padded, so it’s quite comfortable.


  • Plenty of room for all accessories.
  • Suitable for kids and unisex.
  • Durable materials.


  • A bit expensive.

7. Qchengsan Tennis Bag

All players want a bag that will be comfortable as well as stylish looking. Qchengsan Tennis Bag is one for all genders, kids or teenagers. This bag helps you to organize your playing stuff well and in protection.

For customer’s information, this bag is made of polyester which makes it durable and comfortable. Polyester is very hard to tear or make a scratch, so it will be super durable without any scratch. Plus, you can pack 2 racquets at one time in this bag.

Key Features

  • It is designed with many spare pockets to keep your shoes, wallet, towel, clothes, phone, and others.
  • 2 racquets can be fitted at one time.
  • Separate compartments prevent the racquet’s string to get spoiled.
  • Made with 600D polyester material.
  • Padded shoulder straps offer utmost comfort while carrying.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Handle on top and side for easy carrying.


  • Smaller sized.

8. HEAD Women’s Tote Tennis Bag

All lady customers here, attention! Remember Maria Sharapova, the goddess of tennis? This bag is inspired by her ideal choice. If you are looking for a more fashionable and functional tote bag, then grab this one.

This bag is not big or bulky, it looks really simple, beautiful, and lightweight. You can pack 1 racquet in the inner padded compartment of this bag. Plus, it has 2 huge external big pockets and 1 inner pocket for extra accessories.

Key Features

  • This bag is made with the cct+ technique to keep your racquet safe from your laptop heat.
  • It has detachable straps to carry it over your shoulder.
  • You can use this bag on the court or even off the court.
  • Enough space to hold your clothes, 1 racquet, balls, towel, phone, key, or other stuff.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Can be transformed into a shoulder bag.
  • Long-lasting durable.


  • Place for only one racquet.

9. KHIKILY Tennis Bag

I couldn’t help to add this outstanding bag to my list of best tennis bags. This bag can be your partner in court or off-court and even in school. Cool, right? You can carry 3 racquets in this single backpack with all of your necessary stuff.

Plus, this bag is very suitable for both men and women. The useful and simple design makes this bag noticeable and wanted. The large capacity of this bag can hold all your gear, clothes, shoes, wallet, and others.

Key Features

  • Two extra sides mesh pockets hold a tennis ball, can, or water bottle.
  • It has a personal zipper pocket to keep secure your wallet, phone, keys, or many small items.
  • You can go to school, on the trip, and court with this single bag.
  • The compartments are separate from one another, so no clutter and no harm on your racquet string.


  • Multifunctional use.
  • Multiple pockets.
  • Beautiful color.


  • The grip will stick out of the bag.

10. Backpack, Black Camo, 30

This is the last but not the least product on the list. This is another popular product from Wilson. The bag comes with the signature of Roger Federer. There are 2 compartments compatible with the zip locking system.

The bag also contains a logo of gray screen painting. It makes the bag more catchy and stylish. As it is integrated with an extra compartment you can carry some additional tools. Finally, an external mesh pocket will hold your drinking bottle.

Key Features

  • 2 interior pockets are available.
  • 1 external pocket holds a water pot.
  • Catchy design with the sign of RF
  • Able to carry 2 racket bats at a time.


  • Comfortable and easy to carry.


  • No issue detected.

Buying Guide for Best Tennis Bags for Ladies

You can’t just straight to go a store and buy a backpack for your racquet. There are some mandatory features you must need to check before buying one tennis bag online or offline.

Every personal bag has extra storage, you can keep valuable items. However, the Adidas backpack is made of 100% polyester fabric, lightweight, easy to wipe clean.

It has exterior is waterproof and UV resistant that keep your tennis racquets safe in all kinds of weather. The features are given below- so best tennis bags for ladies how is the article?

1. Structure

By structure, I mean the interior and exterior structure of the bag you choose. For the outside part, choose something with a very durable and sturdy material that is yet comfortable to touch. Find something made with polyester and other fabrics.

For the inside part, there are various options. It depends on your taste. Some bags have a big compartment with no dividers and some bags come with multiple pockets. Choose your option wisely.

2. The number of racquets

The fundamental feature of a tennis bag. Some bags hold 3 racquets or some hold 2. Some even hold 15 racquets. So, before buying check how many racquets your bag can hold.

3. Other storage

Storage for clothes, towels, or shoes is also necessary for a good tennis bag. Shoe storage is quite exceptional; it sits at the bottom of the bag with a ventilation system to prevent unwanted odor.

Other smaller pockets for wallet, phone, key, snacks, and gadgets are quite necessary too. The pockets with zippers keep the stuff secure and organized in your bag.

4. Style

Different styles of bags are included in the tennis bag world. You will see two-strap bags, one strap shoulder bag, zipper-lock bag, or tote bags. Choose one with which you are most comfortable and also stylish. We think you find out your best tennis bags for ladies.

5. Price

People think that low price products don’t have quality and expensive products are majestic. Also, ladies’ tennis bags for sale, A big NO-NO. All of my listed products are low to medium ranged priced, full of facilities.

So, don’t hurt your wallet and throw your stress outside! If you find any issue many companies offer a 100% money-back guarantee so item checks on Amazon.

Is there a difference between male and female tennis bags?

Although tennis bags are designed to be used by men and women or both. Also, you can always find it differentiated between men’s and woman’s tennis bags.

Most of the time, the difference in the size of the and color, width, carrying option, shape others. But A male tennis bag would be a bigger width compared to the ladies.

What should you keep in your tennis bag?

This is the item it must be kept in your tennis bag, no matter your skill level or sports experience. Your essentials must keep in it because it needs delicate or additional items. Further, the bag is Designer, luxury, Wilson, Ame and Lulu, Oliver Thomas or Cinda b tennis bags.

  • Your Racket
  • Tennis balls
  • Water bottle, Single or Double
  • Face towel
  • Back up strings
  • Sunglasses
  • Stretching gear
  • Extra shoes and clothes

What to look for in a tennis bag for women?

For female tennis players, women, ladies, and younger, the bag goes beyond holding rackets. Also, a Female player has an appearance and personality, that is why before buying a ladies tennis bag, you must follow it.

  • Color
  • Carrying style
  • Shape
  • Dize
  • Material quality
  • Weight and
  • The price

FAQ on the Best Tennis Bags review

Q: What tennis bag does Roger Federer use?

A: Roger Federer is the most valuable Tennis Star and uses luxury tennis bags, Federer fans can also appreciate Roger’s legendary signature emblazoned on each side
Roger Federer use a DNA 12 Pack Tennis Bag, which Capacity 12 pack and Bag Dimensions, 30 x 15 x 13.5in / 76 x 38 x 34cm.

Q: What is the best tennis bag for ladies?

A: The best product depends on the quality and overall features of a tennis racket. The best bag will last long and must be comfortable for a tennis player. It will also contain some additional zip pockets for extra storage. In this article, I recommend the 10 best tennis bags for ladies.

9 Pack, 12 Pack, Backpack, Duffle, or Tote? What are the best tennis bags on the market right now? Most 5 Best Tennis Bags for All types of Women or best women’s tennis backpack.

  • K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag
  • Athletico Sling Bag
  • Jetpac Retro Hearts Floral Tennis Backpack Bag
  • Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag
  • Women’s Tennis Tote Bag

What are the best tennis bags?

Follow the Tribe All-time best tennis bags with top quality.

  • Babolat Pure Line Blue 12 Tennis Bag.
  • Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag.
  • Wilson Super Tour 3 Tennis Bag Series.
  • Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack.
  • Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag.

Q: Are tennis bags worth it?

A: It is a very demandable storage item in tennis because it has an exterior, zippered, slips, and water bottle pocket. Adjustable backpack straps, grab handle with lovely design and color combinations.

Q: What should I keep in my tennis bag?

A: You can put plenty of items, such as sweaty and wet cloths when you come back from the tennis match, Again, racquet compartment, padded shoulder straps, tennis equipment, and accessories.

Q: Do I need a tennis bag?

A: Yes, if you want to keep your tennis racket safe them you must have to use a tennis bag. Plus, it helps you in carrying different tools like tape, grip, water bottle, etc.

Q: How can you carry a tennis bag?

A: Different bags have different ways to carry. Most of them come in backpack style. Again, some bags come with a handle to carry or over-the-shoulder style.

Q: Do tennis rackets come with covers?

A: Of course, it’s necessary some player tends to carry several racquets cover in a racquet bag and some other throw away, making it an unneeded expense.

Bottom Line

We are almost at the end of the article. Our main target of the article is to suggest the best tennis bags for ladies. After huge research and consultation, we have chosen the 10 best products of the lady’s tennis bag.

We have made the task easier for you. Now you have to make a decision reviewing the recommended products. Good luck finding the best product.

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