10 Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

A tennis racket is one of the most important types of equipment for a tennis game. Your performance in tennis widely depends on your tennis racket. Having a good tennis racket will both increase skill and performance. But it would be best if you had different tennis rackets according to your level of playing.

Today, I am here to discuss the topic of what is the best tennis racquet for intermediate players. After long research, I have finally chosen 10 quality tennis rackets for intermediate tennis players. So, further, any discussion, let’s get into the main point.

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players Reviews

We’re tried hard to find out best quality product after huge research. Before we see the feature and drawbacks, we peer at the best intermediate tennis racquets. How to choose a tennis racket for intermediate. Which is the best tennis racket for an intermediate player for a combination of both power and control? Let’s go-to reading!

Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Player

1. Babolat Strike Evo Tennis Racquet

For the very first recommendation, I have chosen a tennis bat from Babolat. Without any doubt, this bat is known as the best intermediate tennis racket bat. However, I am talking about Babolat Strike Evo Tennis Racquet. Another best is the same brand, Wilson blade feel pro 105 Tennis Racket.

This Strick Evo racquet is completely made of high-quality graphite. This kind of material provides long-lasting service and enough durability. The nylons net is also not straightforward to tear off.

A 4 1/4 inches grip is here with the bat. You can so grab it perfectly. The size is just perfect for you, and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or intermediate player. So, you don’t have to think much as you can use it for long.

Key Features

  • This racquet bat has come in 4 different size variations.
  • C2 Evo Feel is here to ensure high sock absorption.
  • Head Size is about 102 square inches or 658.06 square centimeters.
  • The length of this bat is around 27 inches or 68.58 centimeters.
  • Strung Weight is not too much, and it is about 10oz or 283 gm.
  • Beamwidth of this racket measures nearly 23 mm, 26mm, and 23mm.


  • Black and white Babolat racquet cover with adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Good for both pros and beginners.
  • Provides a large sweet spot.
  • Standard grip size.


  • No serious point of complaint has come yet.

2. Babolat 2019 Boost D (Boost Drive) Tennis Racquet

Babolat has another stunning racquet, and I especially recommend this one to those who love blue. It is Babolat 2019 Boost D Tennis Racquet, and it comes with the boost drive function.

This 27 inches long racquet is made of high-quality carbon fiber. It is strong and lasts for years long. As the grip size varies, you can buy whatever size you fit well. Also, the handsome color will blow your mind just when you’ll see it.

It is a completely featured maneuverable racquet that is a good tennis racquet for the intermediate player. It is unique in design and comfortable to hold. Even to ensure better performance, this bat is designed with the Woofer Grommet system.

Key Features

  • This bat has around a 105 square inches head
  • The strung of this racquet is about 9.8 ounces.
  • It is 27 inches long, and the pattern measures 16×19 inches.
  • Comes in 3 different size variations.
  • 5 different grip sizes are also available.
  • A padded racquet bag is also there.


  • Standard grip size.
  • Good for both male and female players.
  • Blue color body with a black grip.
  • High-quality material for long-lasting performance.


  • Some users questioned the strings’ durability.

Babolat 2019 Boost D (Boost Drive) Tennis Racquet

3. Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis Racket

Let’s meet another best tennis racquet for intermediate players from Wilson. Don’t tell me that you are a tennis fan but not familiar with the name Wilson. However, Wilson Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis Racket is one I am talking about.

The composite carbon material is used to craft this product. Also, it is quite light in weight and very durable. I can assure you that you will be able to use this racquet for years without any maintenance. It is the best tennis racquets for intermediate to advanced players. It is also the best cheap tennis racket for the intermediate player.

K Factor technology is used to design this Racquet. It helps to incorporate three critical elements to ensure the effectiveness of the frame. Besides, the structure is just perfect for keeping an appropriate balance while using.

Key Features

  • It is approximately 29 inches in length,12.5 inches in width, and 1 inch in strip thickness.
  • The grip is around 4 1/4 inches long.
  • The racquet is very light in weight and it is not more than 0.36 kilograms.
  • The oversized head provides an extra-long sweet spot.
  • The length of this racquet provides extended reach and court coverage.


  • Modern Kompact Center technology.
  • Different size variations.
  • Extra-large sweet spot.
  • 106 square inches head size.


  • A few numbers of users have found the strings not much Durable.

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis Racket

4. Babolat Drive G Lite Wimbledon Edition Tennis Racquet

Some of you must wish to try a racquet with the most handsome appearance. For them, my suggestion will follow a racquet by Babolat again. However, this time, it is Babolat Drive G Lite Wimbledon Edition Tennis Racquet.

With 5 different grip size variations and length size variations, this racquet comes to make a great impression. It is made of high-quality composite, and that ensures durability to suffice your expectations.

This 27 inches long bat is well structured and comes in a magical white and blue color. The strings have two color variations, including black and blue. Also, it is comfortable to hold and easy to balance. it is the best intermediate tennis racket.

Key Features

  • The Head of this bat is 102 square inches.
  • Strung weight is around 9.6 ounces
  • Babolat Syntec Lite grip tape for a comfortable experience.
  • Woofer string technology is here to allow free string movement.
  • String Pattern measures 16 mains x 19 crosses.
  • The string Tension of this bat is about 50 – 55 pounds.


  • Different size variations.
  • Woofer string technology.
  • Extended sweet spot.
  • Different color variations.
  • Good for both male and female players.


  • No serious issue has come up about this product.

Babolat Drive G Lite Wimbledon Edition Tennis Racquet

5. Wilson Six.One Lite 102 Tennis Racket

I have another option for you if you are an intermediate tennis player. And for sure, I am talking about Wilson Six. One Lite 102 Tennis Racket. Wilson is well-known as the manufacturer of the best intermediate tennis racquet or best tennis racket for intermediate players under $100 as well. 

A beautiful appearance of grayish-white and blood red is coming with this bat. It is easy to handle and balance while playing. Besides, it comes with different size variations that let you buy the appropriate one for you.

This lightweight tennis bat is made of graphite. Indeed it is long-lasting and quite durable. Plus, it is good for both male and female players and intermediate and pro-level players. It is the best budget tennis racket for intermediate players.

Key Features

  • There are 2 different size variations.
  • BLX technology is here that reduces vibrations and also enhances the feel while playing.
  • L1 grip size is used to provide better control over your bat.
  • The product measures around 27.95 x 9.06 x 16.93 inches.
  • It is very light in weight and not more than 0.56 kilograms.


  • Standard grip size.
  • Variations in color and size.
  • Creates less vibration.
  • Unisex and good for intermediate and advanced players.


  • According to some users, the strings get loosen after a considerable time of usage.

Wilson Six.One Lite 102 Tennis Racket

6. Wilson Blade v7 98 16×19 Tennis Racquet

Another of Wilson’s racquets is here, and I cannot avoid it to recommend for its super fine features. It’s Wilson Blade v7 98 16×19 Tennis Racquet. With a bold appearance, this racquet performs just perfectly.

If you like to try a racquet with various grip size options, then I wonder what can act better than this one. Also, this bat has a lot of string color options. For modern technology, it is easy to balance and use.

This lightweight tennis racquet is full of rich features. It is made of high-quality graphite and carbon fiber. Also, it is especially recommended for intermediate tennis players.

Key Features

  • 5 different grip sizes are available.
  • You can try any of 6 different string colors.
  • Wilson Synthetic Gut Power core comes with high-energy wraps that ensure a livelier response.
  • The Head Size of this bat is 98 square inches.
  • The length of this bat is around 27 inches.
  • Strung weight is only 11.4oz, and the balance is about 4pts.
  • The graphite string tension is around 50-60 lbs.


  • Good for both boys and girls.
  • Variations in sizes and colors.
  • 16 gauge synthetic guts.
  • Extended sweet spot.
  • Comes with featured Feel Flex.


  • No one ever issued a serious complaint about this racquet.

Wilson Blade v7 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet

7. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

The most popular game of the winter season is badminton and tennis for which you must have a racquet and a shuttlecock or rubber ball.

Many things depend on the racquet’s quality so you should choose the best quality racquet first. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet is considered one of the best quality racquets you are looking for. It is the best intermediate tennis racket.

The brand Wilson always tries to provide the latest tennis equipment to the customers. This Clash 100 racquet features a unique frame and body construction, which gives ultimate control.

Moreover, it is the leading among all the racquets in flexibility, horizontal and vertical bending, and torsional stability. Let’s know more about this product in the next segments of features, pros, and cons.

Key Features

  • Constructed with a mixture of best-in-class control and flexibility that includes proprietary carbon mapping.
  • Have a StableSmart frame geometry that maintains great stability.
  • Stiffness is 55 and string pattern 16×19 that provides the amazing horizontal and vertical bending facility.
  • Lighter in weight than other racquets.


  • Flexibility and stability are awesome.
  • It is arm-friendly as well.


  • The co-poly strings seem a little softer according to the frame.

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

8. HEAD Graphene 360 Instinct MP Tennis Racquet

Presenting you a powerful tennis racket from popular brand Head. This racket is very much popular for its cross-section design. The design provides easy playability and more stability. The racket also uses Graphene 360 technology. It ensures more power per hit.

The string of the racket is also firm enough to provide a shock-less shot. It will eliminate vibration and provide balance while playing. The string size of the racket is 16/9

The beginners and intermediate players will get extra benefits from this tennis racket. The racket’s head size is slightly bigger, so you will get a larger sweet spot for hitting. Finally, looking at the attractive design, one must love these intermediate tennis rackets.

Key Features

  • Weight: 300 gram
  • Compatible with Graphene 360 technology.
  • Head size: 100 sq inch
  • Appropriate for beginners and intermediate tennis players.
  • Cross-section design.


  • Lightweight racket.
  • Supreme comfort.


  • You will receive it unstrung.

HEAD Graphene 360 Instinct MP Tennis Racquet

9. Wilson Blade v7 98 18×20 Tennis Racquet

Get introduced to another famous tennis racket for getting the next-level performance. The racket comes with a head size of 98 sq, a strung weight of 11.4 oz, and a length of 27. The guy’s power synthetic string is another advantageous fact. It ensures comfort and all-around performance on the court.

The core materials of the rackets are graphite and carbon fiber. Undoubtedly, this tennis racket will last very long. The dense string pattern size is 18×20. It provides extra stability as well as good control.

The racket is also compatible with FeelFlex technical which makes it flexible. The added top grip taper also helps in placing the top handgrip.

The string of the racket is stronger with a high-energy wrap. It ensures the livelier response band an effective combination of control and power. The racket is appropriate for intermediate and advanced leveled players.

Key Features

  • Material: Solid core synthetic gut power string, carbon fiber, graphite
  • Top grip taper for better grip placement.
  • Added FeelFlex technology.
  • For advanced level and intermediate players.
  • Arm-friendly string.


  • Comfortable.
  • Easy control with more power.


  • If you want a custom color string, then the Wilson logo won’t be included in the string.

Wilson Blade v7 98 18x20 Tennis Racquet

10. HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racket

Here is another impressive racket from Head with a super stiff construction of graphite and titanium. The provides maximum power and lasts longer than other rackets. The manufacturer also used shock top technology and soft grips for vibration reduction and a comfortable feel.

The racket is lightweight and appropriate for intermediate tennis players. You will experience a good power and control combination while playing with this racket. The head size of the racket is slightly larger for better performance for beginners and intermediates.

The racket comes with a big-size head-core pro tennis bag. It can carry 2 tennis rackets at a time. There are a side accessory pocket and padded shoulder straps for carrying with ease.

Considering the overall price, features of the racket, and carrying bag, the racket comes at an affordable price. So, why wait for more? Could you get to the link and order it now?

Key Features

  • Compatible with shock stop technology for eliminating vibration.
  • Flexible and appropriate for all-around court play.
  • Larger tennis bag for double racket carrying.
  • Comes in 2 colors; black and grey
  • Material: Graphite and Titanium


  • Good and comfortable grip
  • Oversized and lightweight.


  • Not appropriate for the advanced-level players.

HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racket

Buying Guide for the Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

In my suggested list, there are different types of tennis rackets. Some are heavy, some light, some have a large head size, some have a medium size, and others. But some of the best tennis racquets for beginners and intermediate players. Read our Best Tennis Balls for Clay Court.

Tennis Racquet Specification Chart

It is a simple overview to follow the below table to buy any tennis racket just these matrics but if you don’t time to read the paragraph this is for you!.

Racquet Specifications

Beginner Players Only


& Some Beginner

Advanced & Some Intermediate


Head Size
(sq. inches)

107 – 115

100 – 110

95 – 100


At least 27.5

27 – 28

27 – 27.5


Under 11 Ounces

10.1 – 11.5 Ounces

Over 11 Ounces


Under $150

$100 & up

$150 & up

Power vs Control

More Power

Balanced Racquet

More Control

Which tennis racquet should I buy as an intermediate player?

How do you know which one goes perfectly with you? Here I am with another point to help you in choosing the perfect tennis racket for you. So, keep reading. So, those best tennis rackets for intermediate players under 100 where you got from the UK, and Australia.

best budget tennis racket for intermediate player

Weight of the Racket

One of the major facts about a tennis racket is its weight of the racket. Heavy or light, both are beneficial. Most people choose lightweight rackets because they are easy to maneuver. But you won’t get maximum power with a light racket.

If you have enough strength and ability, then I suggest a heavier racket. It improves the swings, and provides more power, control, and spin. The racket weight should be within a limit of 285-305 grams. So, it would be best if you considered this fact before you choose one.

Head Size

Head size depends on the level of your performance. If you are a beginner, then you should choose one with larger head size. It will give you more space and let you middle the ball.

But for getting more comfortable in swing, a racket with a smaller head size is better. It will be beneficial for better precision and control. Apart from this, the main thing is which one you are comfortable with. If you think a large size is more comfortable, then choose that. If you feel a small size is better, then go like that.

The most common head size is 100 sq inches. The smaller rackets come with 97-98 sq inches, and the bigger one comes up to 105 sq inches. best intermediate tennis rackets

Power & Control Combination

Most people never consider this fact, but to me, it is an important factor. The common problem we face while powering a shot, is we lose control, and the ball goes wrong. You have to make sure your new racket won’t be like this.

I suggest a medium-weight racket with a strong string with energy wrapping functions. It helps to balance power and control. It would help if you also learned balancing before considering this fact.


To ensure durability, look after the frame and the string of the racket. Make sure the frame of the racket is strong enough to survive simple collisions and drops. Besides, make sure the racket string is firm enough to stay still and strong after powerful hits. It will also help you in balancing if the string is strong.


This fact is important for all levels of players. If you want smooth gameplay, then choose a comfortable racket. Make sure you get a good grip and balance. Also, take some shots and understand how you feel. You must be easy and comfortable with every hit.

Affordable Price

As it is an intermediate tennis racket, you must care about the budget. I think one shouldn’t cost excessively on an intermediate racket. When you buy an advanced level tennis racket, then it can cost big. All of my suggested rackets are in an affordable price range. Have a check again for getting the best cheap intermediate tennis rackets.

Tennis Racket Care Tips and Maintenance

Getting a tennis racket is not the end of everything. You have to learn how to care for a tennis racket. Here I will show some caring and maintenance tips.

  • Always use cover while carrying the racket.
  • Keep your racket out of the heat.
  • Restring the racket at least twice a year.
  • The cold temperature makes the racket brittle. So avoid cold temperatures.
  • Store it in a clean place.
  • Always clean the racket after the everyday match.
  • Change the grip when requires for better performance.

FAQ on the Best Intermediate Tennis Rackets

What is the best tennis racket for intermediate players?

A good tennis racket comes with some quality features. It must be durable and powerful. It will ensure good balance, control, spin, and swing. The price range of the racket will be within the limit. Check out my suggested products for further details. Look at this, the best tennis racquets for beginners and intermediate players. 

It depends on the player who plays what type of style he wants to play an aggressive, defensive, and balanced game.

  • Aggressive, Mostly smashing the shuttle
  • Defensive, Taking advantage of the front court i.e. drops
  • Balanced, Mix of the above two

So for intermediate, we would suggest these racquets for you!

  • Aggressive – Any Yonex voltric or muscle power
  • Defensive – Yonex Nanoray series which is very good for drop shots
  • Balanced – Yonex Carbonex or Astrox series

What tennis racket for an intermediate player?

There are many best-selling or best tennis racquet brands. Also, the best tennis racket for intermediate players under $100 or more and for advanced players. 

  • Best Seller Babolat Pure Aero Racquets
  • Yonex EZONE 98 Racquets
  • New Yonex VCORE 100 Racquet
  • Best Seller Wilson Clash 100 Racquet
  • Best Seller Wilson Blade 98 16×19 v7 Racquet

How do I choose an intermediate tennis racket?

Intermediate tennis players who’re skill level is good and have coordination can choose a racquet between 98 to 104 square inches, and 11 to 11.5 ounces. Also, it will help you to develop your swing, power, and control.

Is Babolat better than Wilson?

Both of the brands are popular. It’s hard to define which is better. But Wilson is widely used. If you consider a racket for women, then Babolat is better than Wilson. But for getting the best men’s intermediate tennis racket, Wilson is ahead.

What shout is the weight of a tennis racket?

A quality tennis racket comes with a weight of 285-310 grams. It is not any fixed range, but a racket in this range is better for controlling, balancing, and power shooting. An intermediate racket will be slightly heavier than a beginner tennis racket.

What head size should you choose?

I have already discussed head size in the buying guide. Again mentioned, the appropriate head size is 98-105 sq inches. The most common size is 100 sq inches. For the beginner, 100+ sq inches is better. The advanced players generally play with a 100- sq inch head size.


I have described the 10 best tennis racquets for the intermediate players with different brands and different features. I have also discussed a buying guide that must help you in choosing the appropriate racket for you. Also, discuss the best tennis racquet for beginner-intermediate players. I think all of your confusion is reduced and removed. 

Understand your weak point and check out the features of the suggested rackets. Choose the racket that will improve your performance. Good luck getting the best racket. 

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