Table tennis is widely known as Ping-Pong and whiff-whiff. It is a sport involving two or four players. They play against each other as individuals or groups of two.

The players hit a small ball, weighing very little, and named a ping pong ball, with small rackets across a table. The intricate table is divided by a net.

Table Tennis

Rules of Table Tennis

The rules of this game are fun and straightforward. Also, it mentioned before, and sport involves a complex table divided by the net that players on either side of the table. Further, During the initial serve, when the ping pong is thrown to the player, the player suppose to allow the ball to bounce on their side of the table.

Then the play returns the ball so that the ball bounces on the opponent’s side at least once. The opponent scores when the player fails to return the ball, provided both parties are following the game rules. Table tennis plays by standing across the complex table.

The umpire or scorer hides the ball in one hand under the table. The players ask to guess the hand in which the ball is hidden. The player who gets the guess right gets to pick their spot on the table and whether they want to serve first.

Typically, during a one-on-one game, a coin toss is done to decide which player gets to serve first.

Description of the Ping Pong Ball

According to the rulebook that follows during international games, the ping pong involved should have a mass of no more than 2.7grams and a diameter of 40mm, which is 1.57.

The rules state that the ball should bounce up and cover a height of around 25cm when it drops from a height of 30.5cm. These balls are manufactured from a polymer.

It is typically colored white or orange and has a matte finish. The color of the hop chosen for a particular match complement the table’s color and the surroundings. For instance, a white orb can easily spot on a blue table than on a grey table.

The Hard Court  or Surface of Table Tennis

The hard table involved in the sport is typically 2.74 m or 9.0 ft. long, 1.525 m or 5.0 ft. wide, and 76 cm, which is 2.5 ft. high. It equips with a long continuous material that enables the table to yield a uniform bounce of about 23cm when a standard ping pong ball drop from a height of 30cm.

The paddle/ Racket /bat used by the Players

Table tennis players are provided with well-furnished wooden rackets, with a rubber coating on one or two sides, depending on their grip. The rubber coat can have various kinds of surfaces, and each of them is entitled to its advantages.

For instance, a play might equip with a racket that has a rubber that provides a spin on one side only. The wooden part of the racket is sometimes referred to as the blade. Typically The Blade has an average size of 17 cm in length and 15 CM wide.

Table Tennis Paddel

Table Tennis Clothing and T-Shirts

Having proper and appropriate sportswear during playing is essential. It influences the performance and comfort level of the player. Good quality clothes that suit the weather and the environment are vital for serious players.

There are specific Ping Pong T-shirts that are designed for the players’ safety. These clothing items do not restrict movement, and they do not compromise on comfort. Read our Best Tennis Balls for Practice

Table Tennis Clothing Rules

During formal table tennis competitions or International players are expected to be in a uniform. Table Tennis uniform includes a short sleeve jersey, shorts or skirt socks, and sneakers. Players can inform the referee if they prefer half that is full-length sportswear.

Players are allowed to wear half or full-length uniforms with the referee’s approval. The color of the short sleeve Jersey should differ from the Tennis balls’ color.

Opposing players are supposed to wear sportswear with significant and significant differences so that audience can easily spot or distinguish them. So, few factors need to be taken into account before deciding on the sportswear of the table tennis players. Some are discussed below-

The weather of the place the match is taking place– the quality and type of the fabric should be
determined according to the climate of the location

Time – the quality of the sportswear should decide according to the timing of the match.
Even though it seems unimportant, it affects the performance. Different colors and types are chosen for matches that are held at other times of the day.

Price – analyze the sportswear cost and compare it with other items well before deciding on one.

Table Tennis accessories

Table Tennis Shoes

Table tennis shoes are light and have thin soles. As a result, the player’s joints and ankles do not have full coverage and protection. They also lack shock absorption. It is not much of an issue when the match is played on sprung wood flooring.

The main disadvantage of table tennis shoes is that they don’t have much shock absorption. Moreover, as the shoes are light with thin soles, they don’t give your joints much protection. It is not an issue if the match is being held on surfaces like Tara flex or sprung wood flooring.

It is because characters will act as shock absorbers anyway. However, if you are playing on the concrete or hard wooden surface, the chances of getting a hurt increase to a great degree. These surfaces do not act like shock absorbers, and your joints and ankle are not well protected.

Despite all of this, experts suggest players have proper footwear, such as tennis shoes, while playing a match of table tennis. It is because of something called the ability level of a player.

How to Choose Table Tennis Shoes

If the player is a beginner, he or she ought to have underdeveloped footwork. There is nothing wrong with buying a pair of table tennis shoes.

However, if you fall under an intermediate or advanced player category, the boots will make your movements much more effortless. And if you can move better, you will automatically be able to play better.

The playing surface you spend a long time playing on plays a significant role. If you play on the hard surface frequently, then tennis shoes may not be a good choice. Playing with trainers on with a bit more spring is a better option than putting on tennis shoes.

If you suffer from any pain on the joint, like ankles, knees, or hips, table tennis shoes on a hard surface may cause you pain and discomfort.

US National Table Tennis Championships – Women’s Final – Lily Zhang vs Rachel Sung


Table tennis is a complicated sport. It involves the simultaneous usage of the body and mind of the players. Further, Table Tennis is also an intelligent sport because it needs diplomatic and instant moves from players.

So this sport enhances muscle movement, brain responses, and many more benefits to the players’ bodies.

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