Wilson Clash 100 vs Babolat Pure Drive

Wilson Clash 100 vs Babolat Pure Drive – Which is the Best Tennis Racquet?

We reviewed both the Wilson Class 100 versus Babolat Pure Drive. The Wilson and the Babolat tennis are some of the revolutionary tennis racket brands. We compare both of them which is best for you. In my research, both the tennis racquets are quite attractive with different unique features.

We make sure that both will be performing at the highest levels that is Wilson Clash 100 vs Babolat Pure Drive. Both of the rackets in the two ambassadors of the game Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal the greatest all the time.

It will be intricate to choose both the racket howsoever, we’ll experiment both to a racket to assist you and you’ll make a decision based on your expectation.

Wilson Clash 100 vs Babolat Pure Drive Review & Compare

1. Babolat Pure Drive 2023 Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 is a versatile racquet of its kind. It is the latest technology-based racquet that makes it one of the best-selling products in the 21 century. Due to its performance and strike, it applies to players of any style.

It is fast, efficient, and highly powerful. Plus, it features new mirror cosmetics which makes it one of the most demanding racquets of recent times. Pure Drive 2021 is suitable for players of intermediate levels.

It has pts 4 head light balance with manageable swing weight for players will improve comfort. It used an excellent HTR system that would help covert fast swings into explosive shots.

However, if beginners want to give it a try, they are most welcome.

Key Features

  • Material: Babolat Pure Drive 2021 is a graphite-made 300 gm racquet.
  • Head size: The head is only 100 inches; offering the pure experience of playing light.
  • Grip size: The grip size is 4 and ½ inches; which enables a firmer grip and more stability.
  • Comfortable: It has added SWX pure feel for improved comfort and usability. This racquet can also convert fast swings into flammable shots with the help of the new HTR system.


  • Light balance, manageable weight.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Improved comfort and stability.
  • Increased power.
  • Bigger sweet spot.


  • Users may face issues with weak strings.
Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet - Strung with 16g White Babolat Syn Gut at Mid-Range Tension (4 1/2
  • FEEL

2. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

When style meets with performance, you name it Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet. It is an extreme ergonomic model ensuring players’ all-time comfort with a higher performance rate. Explore the term ‘ ultimate control ‘ with this racquet from Wilson.

This is an all-time favorite for all Intermediate to Advanced and Professional tennis players. For getting ultimate control you can rely on this racket. Also, comparing its price with overall features, this one is a good value for money.

It is a flexible frame construction of a pair of technology to create ultimate control. It will come unstrung and stablesmart feature that frame geometry will help you to stability and power. So we recommended the Clash especially if you like to get depth on the ball and very sleek and stylish too.

Key Features

  • Material: The tennis racket is made of supreme quality graphite ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Colors: It is available in three different colors: gray, black, and orange. Besides performance, explore your style also with this product from Wilson.
  • Modern technology: It is featured several modern technologies which ensure better control and improved performance. Its FreeFlex property adds new varieties in frame bending. It allows players ultimate and precisive free-swinging experience with every shot.
  • Consistency and Strength: The StableSmart offers classic frame geometry offering incredible consistency and strength.
  • Head and Grip: The racket comes with a head size of 100 square inches and a grip size of 4 ⅜ inches.


  • Introduces power.
  • Offers premium stability.
  • Three different choices.
  • Ultimate accuracy.
  • Higher performance.
  • Very lightweight.


  • Not suitable for under 18.
WILSON Clash 100 Tennis Racquet (4 3/8 Inch)
  • The Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet is a sublimely flexible racquet that maintains a powerful and controllable feel.
  • FreeFlex
  • Carbon Mapping
  • StableSmart
  • Size – (4_3/8)

Wilson Clash 100 vs Babolat Pure Drive is different between them

Babolat Pure DriveRacket Brand NameWilson Clash 100
100inHead Size100in
318g (11.2oz)Strung Weight312g (11.0oz)
300g (10.6oz)Unstrung Weight295g (10.4oz)
4pts HLBalance7 pts HL
7pts HLUnstrung Balance10 pts HL
23mm / 26mm / 23mmBeam Width24.5mm
BlueRacket ColoursBlack, Grey, and Red
16 Mains * 19 CrossesString Pattern16 Mains * 19 Crosses
22-27kg / 50-59lbsString Tension Range21-26kg / 48-58lbs

Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive is also a great racquet for intermediates and advanced players. This racket is recognized as the benchmark for power.

Also, Babolat pure drive is armed with a lively and thick beam construction. Besides, it is the most popular and versatile racket that pure drives line surety to power, speed, precision, and spin. It provides more power and spin than the Wilson Clash 100.

Wilson Clash 100

The Wilson Racquets are among the most popular in the world after being used by many professional players. It is a masterpiece that features a pair of technologies and provides you with ultimate control.

Also, FreeFlex uses exclusive carbon mapping which creates a new dimension of the frame bending. So, Wilson Clash 100 is a great tennis racquet for intermediate and advanced players. It has a lot of power and control, which makes it perfect for those who want to improve their game.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which racquet is best for them. Both the Wilson Clash 100 and Babolat Pure Drive are great choices.


Wilson’s new Countervail technology, Wilson Clash 100 delivers a unique combination of power and control. The Babolat Pure Drive also provides more power and spin than the Wilson Clash 100.

If you are looking for a racquet that can help you increase your speed and improve your shots, then the Babolat Pure Drive may be the right choice for you.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which racquet is best for them. Both the Wilson Clash 100 and Babolat Pure Drive.


Wilson clash always boasts of her rare balance of power and control. It produces easy power with great maneuverability at the time. On the other hand, Babolat pure drive is a racquet that is well-known as a power racket. It generates more power for an easy tennis ball machine with groundstrokes and serves.

If your consideration is for power then it would be Babolat Pure Drive that is a great choice. however, it is worthy to note that Wilson Clash 100 would be balanced and power control better.

Wrap Up

Babolat Pure Drive would make great tennis rackets for beginners and intermediate tennis players, on the other hand,  Wilson Clash 100 would be advanced tennis players. We think all your expectations are done. If further, confusion let us know. Read our similar article on the comparison: Head ti s6 vs Babolat Pure Drive Comparison.

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