graphite vs aluminum tennis racquet

Graphite Vs Aluminum Tennis Racquet; Which One Should You Pick?

A perfect tennis racket can change your game at any time that belongs to your tennis career. Every player should focus on their initial tennis racket on which tennis racket would be a perfect one. Today I’ll show you the graphite vs aluminum tennis racquet. These are two ever-growing selections of tennis rackets.

Ones made of graphite and aluminum that spread great popularity on the market at present. But unfortunately many players especially the newbie are still pizzle to differentiate between two rackets. In this article, I’ll ready up the whole information about them.

Graphite Vs Aluminum Tennis Racquet with Comparison

The difference between aluminum and graphite tennis rackets, If you are a new tennis player, you want to purchase a tennis racket that is made from graphite or aluminum you need to try both of them if option only for an experiment.

graphite vs aluminum tennis racquet

1. Head Graphite Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet

If you’ve been looking for a speedy and powerful racquet frame then there is no way to escape this one from HEAD. Featuring graphite construction and light balance the tennis racket is now a leading product. It is the best graphite tennis racquet because of the wide range of mid-level players.

The mid-level and professional players can get the highest performance from this racket. The latest graphite construction used in the racket might be slightly tougher for the newbie players. Aside from that, the racket is completely spin-friendly, lightweight, and comfortable.

Graphite tennis racket price is affordable and it offers an unbeatable combination of precision, power, and handling. Also, it provides you with a more spin-friendly option for the topspin players.

Key Features

  • Overall size and Weight: The tennis bat weighs only 314.6 g and the size is 4 3/8 inches. The head size is 100 inches and the overall length is 27 inches.
  • Light balance: Head has ensured 5 pt head light balance with proper weight distribution. So, balancing this racket is like a breeze.
  • String Pattern: The bat comes in a string pattern of 16 x 19. It brings more advantages for the topspin players.
  • Graphene XT: You must be happy to learn that the racket uses the latest adaptation of graphene technology. It helps in balancing weight and ensuring more power and speed.


  • Balanced weight
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Ideal size.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not appropriate for beginners
HEAD Graphene XT Instinct MP Tennis Racquet - Pre-Strung 27 Inch Intermediate Adult Racket - 4 3/8 Grip

2. Aluminum Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet

Get introduced to an amazing tennis racket manufactured by ‎Crossway Sports (Maibole). If your choice is aluminum over graphite then surely this one is the best option for you. The racket is designed for beginners as it’s a mid-size one with a head size of 94 sq inches.

The balanced point used in the racket is at 11.6 inches (total 25″), ensuring a proper weight balance. Besides, it suspends vibration and provides a stronghold. Let’s find out a few more features of the racket.

Its quality depends on these such as, aluminum alloy integrated frame, braided nylon thread, head protection rubber, and durable quality. The aluminum tennis racquet’s best feature reduces vibration and aids in stability when hitting the ball. Further, the kid’s racket, tennis racket x 1, youth foam tennis ball x 1, vibration dampener x 1, dry grip tape x 1.

Key Features

  • For kids, beginners, and Youth: Uniform string with 94 square inches read size makes it the ideal choice for the youth, kids, and beginners.
  • Damping design: The racket features a 4-inch extra-large overgrip, triangle joint, and dampener. All these let you hit every shot comfortably by absorbing shock.
  • Material: The racket is made of durable aluminum alloy. Also, rubber is included at the head for extra protection.
  • Full package: It’s not just a normal frame, instead it’s a complete package including a racket, foam tennis ball, a grip tape, and a dampener.


  • The beginner is friendly.
  • Included decompression soft Sponge ball
  • saves some extra money
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Not for intermediate but advanced players
CROSSWAY Sports 25

Graphite Vs Aluminum Tennis Racquet of Key Factors

There are some major factors that must be considered before both the tennis racket.


Aluminum term of weightlessness is not same par as graphite. Because Newbie player finds it really challenging to swing graphite racket but it attempting a power serve and mastered the techniques. It provides the extra power, enabling and gaining the upper hand in the matches.

On the contrary, aluminum is renowned for its unparalleled weightlessness that you have no attempt to extra force. It extended to play a greater precision when striking the ball. Also, there is no trouble with doing a power serve.


In addition, graphite is a robust material in that comparison to others and uses tennis gear. It means that the graphite racket is not prone to breakage when the player doesn’t swing them correctly. It is a long lifespan for the brilliant stiffness of this racquet. It can resist harsh external elements, such as biting wind, high humidity, and sweltering heat.

On the contrary, the aluminum is not matching graphite in the power because it was impossible to strike tennis balls at a high impact using the aluminum racquets. Besides, at the beginning of hard-to-power serve when the cause comes fresh racquets fall apart.


Graphite racket is an affordable tennis racket you are guys enjoys the outstanding durability but it is a little bit higher price. Both of the rackets for you are a high happy for you to invest in high-performance and long-lasting ones that play a vital role in increasing their likelihood of winning the match.

But the aluminum racquet has been around for decades and manufactured, products, driving prices down considerably.

FAQ Graphite Vs Aluminum Tennis Racquet

What is the difference between aluminum and graphite tennis racket?

Most tennis racquets are made of graphite because the graphite while being light is extremely strong. Through the forms of an excellent mixture of balance, durability, and power. On the opposite, Aluminum racquets are basically a bit heavier than the graphite ones.

Is an aluminum tennis racket good?

The aluminum tennis racket is the best option for any player because it has safer than the graphite tennis racket and but it little bit heavier and they are a lot softer as well.

What is the best material for a tennis racket?

One of the best materials for the tennis racket is graphite but it is arguable and common. Also, it is highlighting their unparalleled popularity but it is a great option for just getting started with tennis playing.

Is graphite good for a tennis racket?

Graphite is extremely strong compared to some other materials. However, it is mixed with other elements when making tennis rackets. Graphite is stable and does not react with other elements. Thus, this stability allows the manufacturer to achieve the desired stiffness of the racket.

Wrapping Up

Graphite Vs Aluminum Tennis Racquet is a great tennis racket for starting to play. These two rackets have many effective options to improve your game.

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