what size tennis racket do i need

How to Choose What Size Tennis Racket Do I Need

When you’re looking to buy a tennis racket, one of the most important factors to consider is what size racket is right for you. Racket size can vary depending on your height, weight, and grip size. In this blog post, we will help you determine what size tennis racket do I need and the best for you.

We’ll also provide some tips on how to choose the right racket size for your game! and the tennis racket size chart will definitely guide you.

What Size Tennis Racket Do I Need?

The size of a racket’s sweet spot is determined by the head. A smaller head will provide more accurate shots due to it being easier for players who have large swings and powerful rackets, like Federer or Nadal (their favorite?).

It can consistently hit what they’re looking at in order time without having too much trouble maneuvering around ball spin, etc.

As weaving towards smaller heights there becomes an increased benefit with hitting high hard hitters because all those factors come into play less often- making life easier on you as well. The best tennis racket is one of the best options to start a new game or beginner.

What is the best tennis racket head size?

A larger head-size racket will provide more power and control over what type of shot you’re trying to hit. It’s also great if your game is based on spin or placement because these types of rackets tend to have what we call “sweet spots” that help improve accuracy when hitting them off-center; however,

it can be difficult for people who are new at tennis because not all their shots will go in the direction intended due to ball rotation caused by wind conditions, etc.

The bigger the racket head, the smaller its sweet spot becomes. So what does this mean? Well as an example… a player with small hands might find themselves struggling against opponents who use bigger heads (and thus smaller sweet spots) due to the fact that they can only generate a small amount of power.

Whereas, on the other hand, someone who has a big swing and uses an oversized racket might find themselves struggling with control at times because their racket is too forgiving.

So what size tennis racket should you use? The best way to determine what size racket is right for you is to visit your local sporting goods store and try out different sizes! You can also measure your grip size by using this guide.

Tennis Racquet  Sizing Length

The racquet’s length can make a big difference in how well you play. Most adult tennis players use bats that are between 27 and 29 inches long,

but there is also an extended-length option for those with longer arms or who want more hitting power from their shots! If you’re not sure what size bat to choose, go with the smaller option; you can always make adjustments as needed.

When it comes to tennis racket widths, there are three standard sizes: skinny, medium, and wide. Most beginners should start with a medium-width bat. As your skills progress, you may find that you. Let’s check the tennis racquet length chart.

Tennis Racket Size Chart

What length tennis racket do I need? what size tennis racket do I need here is a complete tennis racket size chart that includes the age, height, and racquet length of particular tennis players.

Tennis Racquet length chart

Racquet Length Chart

The way a child’s height will determine the right racquet length is not set in stone. It depends on their age and whether they’re developing quickly or slowly, which affects when to start playing competitively for example instead of just having fun with friends at home alone on an outdoor court (or putting green).

Tennis Racquet Sizing

The quality also matters; typically manufacturers make smaller kids’ equipment from inexpensive materials like aluminum while top brands such as Wilson offer 27″+ versions that are better built than those entry-level models–though the cost may be something you won’t consider since these higher grade items can get expensive.


Here is how age and height influence the ideal length racquet for children and adults. Another important reason is that you have to choose a tennis racket for your age and which is suitable for the racquet length and height.



Racquet Length

4 years or younger

40 inches or shorter 19 inches

4-5 years

40-44 inches

21 inches

6-8 years

45-49 inches

23 inches

9-10 years

50-55 inches

25 inches

10 or older

55 inches or taller

26 inches

Adults Any height

27-29 inches

Note: what length is right for my child? For young players (racket), this typically depends on their age and whether they’re growing quickly or slowly. If your kid has just started playing competitively instead of just having fun with friends at home alone on an outdoor court (or putting green),

it might not be worth buying expensive equipment until he/she gets older — that said; some manufacturers like Wilson offer 27″+ versions made from higher quality materials than what you’d find in entry-level models! As always though, the cost may make this upgrade prohibitive for families who already spend plenty on other sports gear–like baseball bats!”

Beginner Tennis Players

For new players, it’s important to start off with a light racket that has an oversize head size. This will help make contact and keep your arm from getting tired while learning how close or far away you need to be when hitting the ball in order for them both to be effective.

Wilson offers two great choices: their Ultra rackets which come at around $50 USD; OrTriad triple threat version – these cost less than half as much but still provide plenty of power behind every shot.

Junior Tennis Racquet

  • Age 10 + / Height 140cm-150cm – Choose a 26″ racket
  • Age 8 -10 / Height 130cm – 140cm – Choose a 25″ racket
  • Age 6 – 8 / Height 120cm – 130cm – Choose a 23″ racket
  • Age 4 – 6 / Height 105cm-120cm – Choose a 21″ racket
  • Age 3 – 4 / Height 90cm – 105cm – Choose a 19″ racket
  • Age 3 & Under / Height Up to 90cm – Choose a 17″ racket

Intermediate Tennis Players

The best way to improve your game as an intermediate player (racquet) is by adding weight and taking up space. The more power you can generate, the easier it will be under control for this level of competition. To find out what type easiest fits these needs try either Wilson’s Clash or Blade rackets depending on how much muscle mass each individual has developed since starting play two years ago.

Advanced Tennis Players

The most advanced tennis players should use rackets that allow them to play with control, feel, and precision. These three benefits will provide a more connected-to-the-ball feeling which in turn allows you as an individual player or team member confidence when going for your shots – making it easier than ever before.

Mid-plus frames are perfect if heavyweight is desired while still remaining light enough so mobility isn’t impeded upon by extra bulkiness around armpits etc blades offer amazing resiliency providing great Bounce-Off dreaded spin attacks due to its high tensile strength carbon steel construction.

Tennis Racket Construction

The three most important factors when choosing a racket are head size, weight, and string pattern. Larger Headsize = More Power; Smaller Head Size means less power because it’s difficult to hit the ball with sufficient force while using such large apples on your racquet face area.

The lighter an implement is (for example women often use their hands rather than men), the this will be reflected in how fast you can move around the court – but don’t forget about control too.

So if lightweight rackets seem good enough for street play then go ahead and just make sure they still provide decent shots off flat surfaces.

Tennis Racket Length and why it matters


Actually, what size tennis racket do I need, it depends on your opinion. All these things we talk about it. If you are a beginner then you should start with a light or little bit weight tennis racket. So what is your level is not a matter tennis racket size chart will guide you.

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