how many tennis balls can fit in a car

How Many Tennis Balls Can You Fit Into a Limousine?

Tennis is a popular sport and the tennis ball is an important part of the tennis game. Always we need to play tennis balls to buy from a shop or Amazon and need to carry the ball. They always keep inside the limousine or pressure inside the tennis ball. But how many tennis balls can you fit into a limousine?

The answer is quite simple one tennis ball that fits into a limousine. Let’s check the more answer, Maybe I would say that, “I would first have to look up the average cubic feet of the inside of a limousine. Also, In a limousine, Only One Ball can fit. Because the limousine has only one ‘o’ we can fit the ball in ‘o’ not in the limousine.

How Big Is a Tennis Ball?

First of all, we need to find out the volume of your tennis balls. Since the tennis ball is spherical in shape afterward the volume share is that: Check the best tennis balls that also you fit in your car.

  • The volume of Shapre = 4/3πr3

There is various tennis brand in the market but which has different shape or length. Suppose a tennis ball is 2 inches in length, and the radius is half of the diameter. Besides, the radius should be 1 inch and 43 as a decimal and approximately 1.3 as 3 goes into 4 ounces.

Let’s calculate by applying the rules of the volume of the shape of the tennis ball.

  • Volume = 4/3πr3
  • Volume = 1.3*3*(1)3
  • Volume = 3.9*(1)3

Finally, you got something to understand but we’re going deep. So now your question is how many tennis balls fit in a cubic meter? And the volume should be 3.9 cubic inches in size but the manufacturer takes the size 4 cubic inches.

How Many Tennis Balls Can You Fit Into a Limousine

How Many Tennis Balls Actually Fit in a Limo?

Now, you have got some idea to read above the tennis ball size. However, now we move to measure your tennis ball with a limo to find out how much tennis balls actually hold in your limo. Let’s read it.

In my experience, a limousine’s height and width look like same as your car. I measure it at 1.5 meters and 2 meters of it. Moreover, a limo is longer than a regular can, let’s convert them to applying the best way to the scientific method.

  • Let’s figure out the formula
    Volume = L W H
    Volume = 800 80 60
    Volume = 32000 60
    Volume = 1500000 cubic inches
  • Tennis Ball Size
    10 meters in length = 800 inches
    2 meters in width = 80 inches
    1.5 meters in hight = 60 inches

Here, let’s input these keeping figures to apply the following formula in detail.

Volume = L x W x H (800 inches x 80 inches x 60 inches)

In the final analysis, the total volume is more than 15,00000 cubic inches and you dig out the volume using the same pattern. Otherwise, to get the total number of a tennis ball, you follow to use volume and cubic inch.

Further, let’s see the example; Your volume is 1500000 and 4 cubic. so let’s check the exact number; 15,00000/4 = 3.75. I hope that you can understand. At last, A 150000 volume limo easily fits 3 tennis balls, and dig out your exact tennis ball number to fit in your limo.

how many tennis balls can fit in a car

How Many Tennis Balls Will Fit In A Car?

What If you want to know the same question but for a car instead? Let’s go to calculate

So what is your car size 2m x 5m 1.5m (length x width x height) Please see the picture like that. We change the same figure, you can try your original size or figure.

  • 6 meters in length = 240
  • 3 meters in wide = 120
  • 1.5 meters in heigh = 60
  • Volume = Volume = L × W × H
  • Volume = 240 × 120 × 60
  • Volume = 28,800 × 60
  • Volume = 1,728,000 cubic inches

Now, the vehicle parts and tires will take up almost half of the car volume. but the new volume would be 375,000 cubic inches.

From this example of the limo, there would be empty gaps between the shape and the tennis ball due. If they were to take ¼ of the space, you would be left with more car volume. It would be 280,000 for the final car volume.

Now, you can divide the volume of the car ( 280,000 by 4) which will amount to near 70,000. So the answer is how many balls can you fit in a car, it’s nearly 70,000 tennis balls that will be kept to fit inside the car.

How many tennis balls could you fit inside an airplane?

We know how to calculate, how many tennis balls can fit in a plane interview question? so it would arrive at around 650,000-700,000 tennis balls that you can fit inside an airplane or Boeing Beman.

How many tennis balls are in a cubic meter?

According to ITF (International Tennis Federation), A tennis ball must a diameter of 6.54-6.86 cm. And it would mean that tennis balls must be a volume of 8 cubic inches.

Sometimes it’s asked an interview question like that, how many tennis balls can you fit into a limousine. As you are ready for your job interview, you may be considering which questions the employer will ask you.

Frequently Ask Question

Q: How many tennis balls fit in a car?

A: It is confusing for everyone, but it depends on your volume and cubic. Frist fix your cubic then, your cubic is 3 and you have a lot of volumes. After you need to divide them, you will get the correct number. So the ball fit in a car is = volume/cubic

Q: What number of tennis balls can you fit into a sports car?

A: It nearly fits your sports car with around 1000 tennis balls. further, if it would 6 of those cubicles that could easier fit without any trouble. You must follow the formula that we show up in the earlier text.

Q: How many tennis balls fit in a 747?

A: The answer is 688,705 tennis balls. Also, you will travel with those tennis balls on Boeing. I think you get your answer.

Final Verdict

I hope that all of the above discussion is easier to understand. That’s how many tennis balls hold in a limousine. So if you have any confusion please keep it in the comment box. If remove your confusion, you can try it yourself.

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