6 Cheapest Tennis Balls – Get the Cheap Tennis Balls in 2021

What if you are practicing rough and bursting 2-3 tennis balls regularly or your pet regularly smashing 2 balls? It’s not good news for your wallet rather a threat. In such a situation we suggest you switch to the cheapest tennis balls. Recently, we got many emailed about this problem and we researched the topic and found 8 cheap tennis balls. They are cheap yet quality tennis balls. Surely they will last longer and satisfy your demand. So, let’s find out more about them.

Our Top Pick

Best for Kids: Gamma Quick Kids Practice Tennis Balls

“These balls are designed especially for kids under 10 years old. With budget and features, these balls are ideal for all kinds of courts.”

Best Overall: Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Overall with standard features, these balls are #1 selling in the market now. These balls are also used in ATP Championship. Plus, there are the cheapest tennis balls you will get on the market.

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Where to Buy Tennis Balls in Bulk for Cheap

  • Dunlop ATP Championship Tennis Balls
  • Penn Control Plus Tennis Balls
  • Penn Tribute Tennis Balls
  • Gamma Quick Kids Practice Tennis Balls
  • Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty

1. Penn Control Plus Tennis Balls

The Penn is the name of the #1 best-selling tennis balls in America. The secret of their selling method is the versatility and the authentic quality of the tennis balls they produce. Penn Control Plus Tennis Balls is a great choice for kids and beginners.

The focus feature of this ball is, it has lower compression to create controlled bounce. It reduces the speed by 25% than the normal speed. That’s why kids or beginners get to learn and improve their skills.

It is ideal to play on a 78″ court. Besides, the balls can be used on any kind of court. As the speed is slower, so it also provides great visibility to the players. With superior long-lasting durability, this ball can be a great choice for a practice session.

Key Features

  • It is an ideal ball for 78″ tennis courts.
  • These balls are approved by the USTA and IFT.
  • The ball is endorsed by the PTR.
  • It has 25% less speed than regular balls to control bounce.
  • Can be played in all types of courts.


  • Best quality


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2. Penn Tribute Tennis Balls

Another newest attraction in the list of the Penn. From rookie to pro, these balls are suitable for all kinds of players. It should be mentioned that this is a ball that is standard and based on this ball, other balls are measured.

This Optic Yellow color ball not only gives high visibility but also the felt of this ball absorbs the shock. The natural rubber inside this ball reduces and absorbs the shock as well as gives a consistent feeling.

The interlocked wool fiber provides the utmost durability and the best performance. You can play with this ball on any kind of court surface. In each can, there are 3 balls. So, in the 6 can package, there will be 18 balls.

Key Features

  • The ball is approved by the USTA and IFT.
  • This ball is the ideal standard for all kinds of other tennis balls.
  • The optic yellow color gives supreme visibility even in dark.
  • In all kinds of court like hard, soft, indoor or outdoor, this ball can be played.
  • The natural rubber and interlocked wool fiber keep the ball consistent and give excellent performance.

3. Dunlop ATP Championship Tennis Balls

Here is another shining star in my list is from Dunlop. Before giving all other features, we want to mention that this outstanding ball officially got endorsed by the APT World Tour. This ball is ideal for a mid-ranged player who plays in the club for recreation.

The ball is soft type and the felt is quite fluffy. This is one of the most used balls in the whole US or USA. The ball gives quite high bounces. As the ball has Extra Duty Felt so these can be played in outdoor or hard clay courts.

Players stated that this ball is very easy to control and spin. There is a little controversy in that, some buyers stated that this ball was worn out after some matches and some stated that the balls give quite a good service for a long period.

Key Features

  • The ball is suitable for Hard Clay Courts.
  • Creates high bounce and quick spin.
  • Provides Extra Duty and fluffy feel.
  • The balls come in a pressurized can.
  • In each can there are 3 balls and in one package you will get 12 cans.

4. Gamma Quick Kids Practice Tennis Balls

Finding a brand which is the best for kids or beginners tennis ball? Then you are in right place now. Gamma Quick Kids Practice Tennis Ball is especially for 10 years or below of this age. But, these balls are also suitable for beginner players.

The basic feature which makes it suitable for baby players or rookie is, this ball is 50% slower than the regular balls. As the ball is made of a lower compression core and lightweight external layer, so the ball flies 50% slower than other balls.

As the ball flies slower, the players can practice with this ball and improve their skill gradually. This is one of the cheapest tennis balls on market. The ball has two-color combinations. One is yellow and the other is orange. It gives maximum visibility to the players.

Key Features

  • This ball is designed to play in 36″ to 60″ courts.
  • Ensures low bounce and slow spin.
  • It is rated as stage-2 balls and for age 10 or below age 10.
  • The two combinations of color make it super visible to the players.
  • As the ball has 50% slow speed than other balls, it’s easy for baby players to hit.

5. Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

This is one of the most beautiful and useful featured balls on my list. This pink-colored ball looks very cute and gives the best service like other standard balls. The ball feels consistent and durable for a long time.

This one is an official ball of the USTA leagues. Both USTA and IFT approve these balls. Luckily you can play on hard courts or clay courts with this ball. However, they also give almost the same result on Soft or indoor courts.

The ball has natural rubber inside which keeps it feel consistent and creates good bounce. The deep-elastic seam reduces the shock and cracking of the ball. With this ball, you can play on courts that are 4000+ feet above sea level too.

Key Features

  • Suitable ball all kinds of courts.
  • The interlocked wool of this ball gives longer durability.
  • The natural rubber construction and elastic seam of this ball reduce shock and gives consistent feelings.
  • The ball is approved by USTA and IFT.
  • This ball is suitable for adults.

6. Penn QST 60 Tennis Balls

Just like Gamma Quick Kids Practice Tennis Balls, this one is also for little players. Little players can improve their skill and experience with these balls. These balls are ideal for 9-10 years aged kids.

This ball has 50% reduced pressure than the normal regular balls. As the ball has lower compression, so it has control over the bounce. The yellow and orange color combinations of this ball serve great visibility.

You will get 3 balls in one polybag. This ball is suitable for courts of 60″ courts. Players can track the spin of this ball very easily and master their experience gradually.

Key Features

  • The ball has 50% reduced pressure than the regular balls.
  • These balls are ideal for courts of 60″ and all surfaces.
  • The two-tone color of this ball allows the player to track the ball easily.
  • A very ideal ball for young aged people (9-10 years old).
  • Approved by USTA.

Buying Guide for the Cheapest Tennis Balls

Well, now we will discuss a guide to help you in choosing an ideal tennis ball for you. Carefully read all the facts we will discuss. Read our best tennis balls review is one of the best reviews of tennis balls. Where to buy tennis balls in bulk for cheap, there are many options you can buy cheap tennis balls such as cheap bulk tennis balls, tennis balls Costco, cheap tennis balls amazon, those are the cheapest place to buy tennis balls.

1. Using Purpose

Tennis balls are uses for especially 2 purposes. One for playing tennis and the other for pets. If you are finding for a dog toy you better care for the material. Make sure that they are non-toxic and won’t hurt your dog’s teeth or gum.

When you are choosing a ball for playing tennis first consider whether the balls are suitable for the court you use to play or not. Next, check out its bounce, rubber type, color, and others.

2. Consistent Bounce

Mainly we choose cheap tennis balls for playing tennis. Make sure you are not getting a wicked product for costing a low amount. Mainly consider if the ball bounces well or not. Compare the bouncing with a quality tennis ball.

3. Color

No matter you are using it for playing tennis or for pets, it’s always better to get a bright color ball. While playing in cloudy weather bright balls provides better sight. Again, they are helpful for improving a dog’s visual spectrum.

4. Price

As it is a cheap tennis ball you must consider the price. I suggest calculating the price for a single ball. And, if you want a cheaper ball then better purchase a big pack that contains 20+ balls. Such packs generally offer cheaper but quality balls.

Others Low Price Tennis Balls for your Practice

Here we randomly suggest you some low price of a tennis ball which is absolutely for the training session. For example, the Teloon Pressure Training Balls, it is pressureless training balls and many colors. Check out our random suggestion that cheap tennis balls.

  • Teloon Pressure Training Tennis Balls
  • KEVENZ 12-Pack Standard Pressure
  • Magicorange 12 Pack Advanced Training
  • Wilson Grand Slam XD Tennis Ball
  • Swity Home 12 Pack Tennis Balls
  • ODEA Passion Tennis Balls,High-Elasticity
  • Tennis Balls 3 Pack High Resilience

Types of Balls

Pressurized ball vs Pressureless balls

Pressurized balls have a hollow core that is filled with nitrogen and air. On the other hand, the pressureless tennis ball’s core is solid.


Pressurized balls bounce higher than pressureless tennis balls. The ball sometimes loses their bounce as over time become dead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a cheap tennis ball?

You can find it on a local market or on any e-commerce site. It’s wise to search on the world’s most popular e-commerce site Amazon. You will find thousands of balls and brands on Amazon. Among them, you have to choose tennis balls.

Very often we buy cheap balls of low quality. To avoid it follow our article. In this article, we have suggested the 8 cheapest tennis balls.

Are cheap tennis balls bad?

No, not all cheap tennis balls are bad. If you are an expert and make proper research then you can get quality tennis balls at a cheaper price. Otherwise, you may end up getting wicked balls and you will also state cheap tennis balls are bad. Check out our list of 8 low-budget tennis balls.

Final Verdict

In all of our products, we want to recommend you Penn Tribute Tennis Balls. This ball gives consistent bounce and doesn’t lose quality soon. Both mid-range players and pro-players can play with these balls.

Moreover, this ball can be picked in all of the cheap tennis balls. The high-quality features with mid-budget are undoubtedly the apple of the eye for players. So, have fun playing with the iconic balls in court!

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