Diet For Tennis Players

Diet For Tennis Players | Training Diet For Tennis Players

Tennis is a popular demanding sport that ensures many benefits, including mental and physical improvement as well as metabolic function. Also, diet food for a tennis player

But to ensure these improvements, diet for Tennis players is mandatory. Because, to play this game, players need a lot of energy. As a tennis player, you will understand how much energy you need to play a 5+ hour match. To maintain power, you must need to eat healthy meals with some restrictions.

For that reason, we have written here some important information about diet plans to maintain your fitness for a victory tennis match. So, if you’re a tennis player, you should follow these mandatory diet plans for both mental and physical improvement.

What are the most effective diets for a tennis player?

A tennis player needs the most effective diet for a successful match. The most effective diets for a tennis player are carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and fluids.

Diet for tennis player

Carbohydrates diet for a tennis player

A tennis player should take 7 to 10 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram weight of the body. The diet choice should include rice, pasta, potato, oatmeal, and bread. Protein is an inevitable element to build up the muscle of a tennis player. The great source of protein is Oatmeal, fish, meat, eggs, cheese, and yogurt. So, a tennis player must follow these high in rich protein foods.

Fruits and Vegetables

You know fruits and vegetables are the biggest sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. So, a proper tennis diet should be a combination of some vegetables and fruits. Salad and any fruit juice may also be included as a great source of vitamins.


For maintaining a healthy body as a tennis player, you must have to keep yourself hydrated the right way. That’s why you have to drink sufficient water like 80 ounces of water or fluid daily. In this case, sports drinks may be a greater source of fluids. Besides, sports drinks contain sodium, proteins, electrolytes, and carbohydrates that are very helpful to build up your healthy body as well as increase energy.

Training Diet For Tennis Players

During the (best tennis balls for practice) training period in tennis, as a tennis player, you will need more energy and carbohydrate needs. To complete the training demands of a tennis player, he needs to maintain periodized nutrition foods.

Training diets should include a combination of lean proteins with high nutrition-dense like fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, whole grains, vitamins, and minerals as well as healthy fats.

Because, if a tennis player can’t get adequate energy, he can’t maintain good performance, and you need to keep fitness as to play regular duty tennis balls. So, as a tennis player, you must have to follow the training diet plans properly to be successful in heavy training, ( training with tennis balls machine) and silent partner machine of tennis balls

When training loads will be lighter, your highly nutritious food needs can be reduced accordingly.

Diet At Breakfast

Tennis players should have breakfast with slow-release carbohydrates so that they can hold their energy levels longer.

They may include oat-based cereals, wholemeal bread, brown rice, Barley, low-fat milk, eggs, and baked beans, wholegrain, granary toast, or fruits.

It will be better to take plenty of fluids like fruit juice with breakfast. To make fruit juice Ninja Blender will be the best option.

Pre-Match Tennis Diet

The Pre-match tennis diet is essential for a victory game. They should include foods high in carbohydrates in their diet plan on the pre-match tennis so that they can get their necessary energy.

The meals should be high in protein and low in fat. High in fat foods should be avoided to escape from the risk of stomach upset.

As a tennis player, you should include chicken sandwiches with veggies, some fresh fruits like bananas, Pasta with butter,  brown rice with protein and veggies, and yogurt in a pre-match tennis diet.

It will be wise to take a pre-match meal before 1 to two hours starting the match.

Tennis Diet Throughout The Match

During the match, tennis players may take sports drinks to recover fluid losses and energy. Besides, they also may take energy bars.

Post-Match Tennis Diet

After finishing the game, tennis players should recover their energy as soon as possible to keep them energetic. They should take a protein drink after the match.

After every match or training session, it’s more important to take a protein drink or food to stay fit, healthy, and injury-free.

Professional tennis players maintain a professional diet chart.

Sports are a very familiar mode of entertainment for spectators throughout the history of mankind. At the same time, it is a great way to remain healthy and fit for the players.

While the proverb says, a healthy mind lies in a healthy body, the sports experts may add that, a healthy diet is undeniable for preserving a healthy body.

Tennis has been a source of thrill for the spectators for its nature and context in itself. So, what does the chart of professional tennis players look like?

An interesting point has been revealed by a medical director of Abbott, Rebecca Stevenson. She highlighted according to sports science, the diet plan for particularly tennis professionals changes dramatically.

Sports science has made a commitment to the field of sports and now, sports professionals are able to easily understand what it may take to stay in good shape before, during, and after the game.
When it comes to diet in the field of sports, a much-emphasized point is a nutrition. After all, sports take a lot of stamina and agility for a participating body especially when it is a thrilling game like tennis.

So, the diet of tennis professionals must accord to a standard maintained chart that may provide them with every nutrition they need in order to keep themselves ready on pre-match, hold themselves up during the match and recover themselves necessarily during post-match.

Tennis is a sporadic exercise where the player has to make sudden bursts of energy through sudden activity. This type of sudden burst requires energy that is provided by carbohydrates.

A maintained level of carbohydrates is thus, very crucial for the players to maintain themselves for the game and also to recover themselves after the game. Having stated the important points of maintaining the diet, we must meet the expectation of tennis professionals to know what they need in the chart of their diet. Let’s take a look at what sports science supports-

The diet plan according to the science of sports

keeps three crucial phases in consideration. As we may guess they as a suitable diet for preparing before, sustaining during, and recovering after the game.

While keeping the three phases in mind, the diet plans are basically spread into five turns of meals. The chart maintains the diet necessary for tennis professionals through regulating the meals during-

  • Breakfast
  • Pre-match
  • During match
  • Post-match
  • Evening (details will be added)

As some of the important proven indicators, we would like to showcase the following points. The diet of tennis professionals should habitually be one with high carbohydrates.

The proven level says, 6-10 g•kg-1. It will help to assure enough glycogen stores. It is also proven that women can function as well when they take slightly less than men regarding glycogen stores. Protein intake on a daily basis should be ~1.6 g•kg-1•d-1 while, dietary fat intake should not exceed 2 g•kg-1•d-1. Caffeine should be taken in doses.

In this case, the dose can be 3 mg•kg-1 which is supposed to be providing ergogenic benefits. The dose, however, gives the best use if taken before and/or during the match. 200ml of fluid containing electrolytes should be consumed every change-over in mild to moderate temperatures of < 27°C but in temperatures greater than 27°C players should aim for a minimum of 400ml or more.

On exceeding 2 hours during the match, 30-60 g•hr-1 of carbohydrate should be consumed.

Tennis Diet At Evening

The evening meal is important to replace and recover the lost energy. This diet definitely should be plenty of carbohydrate foods like rice, bread, pasta, and cereals as well as protein-rich foods like fish, chicken, beans, lean meat, or pulses.

diet food for tennis player


Body fitness is an important point, and tennis players should hold the correct fitness. So, they should eat high protein-based foods as well as control their weight. In this case, a food scale can play an important role in controlling weight.

Besides, tennis players should take sufficient water and electrolyte drinks for better sleep, well recovery processes, and good rehydrate systems in their bodies.

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