What is the term when a tennis game is tied at 40-40?

What is the term when a tennis game is tied at 40-40?

It is really curious what is deuce in tennis. What will happen when it is called in tennis when the score is tied 40-40? We’re covering everything that helps you a lot and understands it clearly.

Let’s go to dig out, what is the term when a tennis game is tied at 40-40?

What term is used in tennis for 40-40? the straightforward answer is Deuce but we are going in-depth. Follow our steps to understand the whole matter.

Deuce Score Meaning in Tennis

In tennis terms, we usually know deuce refers to a tie score of 40 where each player needs to win by two points for the match to complete. Let’s have a look at the basic scoring system in a tennis game.


Point Value









As you can see here in the table, love equals zero, 15 equals one point, and 30 equals two points, or 40 equals three points.

Also, when the game scoring becomes tie at 15 or 30, the score is announced as 15 all or 30 all. However, tennis reserves the word Deuce for a tie at 40. Tennis has various point systems, let’s have a look before going into details.

  • 0 points= Love
  • 1 point = 15
  • 2 points= 30
  • 3 points= 40
  • Tied score= All
  • 40-40 = Deuce
  • Server wins deuce point = Ad-In
  • Receiver wins deuce point = Ad-Out

What is the term used when a game has reached a 40 40 tie?

What does 40-40 in tennis mean? 40-40 is called deuce in tennis. We discuss the above deuce now, we’re going to deep analysis. When he/she wins the first point from deuce that is called advantage and the next point from advantage seals the game but if both players are at 6 points of the game each in a set, a tiebreaker of 12 points is played between them.

As regards, why is 40 all in tennis called Deuce? The match can be tied at 15 and at 30 but not behind, 40 all is deemed ”deuce” because it is a ‘Deux de jeu’ and feel that the two-point away from winning the game.

Why do they say love and deuce in tennis? ”Love” means zero and the server score is given first in tennis. ”love” fifteen means that the server has no point, and the opponent has fifteen. So tennis score game progresses for the love to fifteen to thirty to forty. But if both players acquire 40 then it’s called a deuce. We think you get your answer.


Origin of Deuce: Etymology

The word deuce in tennis is pronounced as “doos” or alternatively ”dyoos”. It came from the Latin two words, duos which is similar to the French word. And Deux as tennis has come to its roots in France. So one theory it provides stems from the following France phrase, a Deux le jeu.

It can be translated this phrase as both games, it means two-player the equal chances of winning the game or two games. To refer to either player need two-point to win the game.

From the historian, it was a little bit of debate but we’ll never know the true origin. The origin of tennis in France, they don’t use the word deuce at the France Open. Instead, you’ll see that they use “egalite” which means “equality”.

What Happened at Deuce?

What term is used in tennis for 40-40? In the playing of a tennis match and reach a tie or reach a score of deuce, either player needs to win the match to earn two consecutive points to put an end. Also, at this time the advantage scoring kicks in.

Further, if the server wins the point at deuce after the server holds the advantage and they can report the score as an advantage in or ad in for short. On the other hand, the receiver wins the point at deuce after the receiver holds the advantage, and the score is reported as advantage out an ad out for short.

The game finish when the player holds the advantage to win the next point, otherwise the score returns to the deuce. We face when we playing tennis ball on any surface but deuce isn’t any specific surface.

when the score is tied at 40 all

It is deuce because when the match is tied it’s called a deuce. Also, the first person to get a point has the advantage but he/she has to win by two points. So that the score twice in a row to win the match.

Most Deuces in a Game

In 1975 on May 26 at the Surrey Grass Court Championships as Surbiton, Anthony Fawcett and Keith Glass racked up a record 37 deuces in a single match for a total point is 80.

A game between Keith and his friend, Judy Dawson, was started a game and finished with a score of 6-0,6-0 during this at the first sight, never-ending game. But Keith would go on the win the game and notwithstanding also win the first set in a close tiebreaker, but he’d lose the match.

FAQ on what term is used in tennis for 40-40

Why do they say love in tennis?

At the beginning of the match, when both players have no score, the game is love-love which means in tennis zero scores or nil. Otherwise, love arose from the France word for ”egg” l’oeuf, because a zero score on a board is like an egg.

What is a score of 40 40 in tennis called?

In tennis game goes to the server! Advantage scoring. In-game it is regular advantage scoring, a player needs to win two points, and once the score reaches equal 40-40. 40-40 is usually called deuce in the tennis language. In order to wins, the game player needs a point from the deuce.

Why is scoring in tennis so weird?

The early historians believe that the real reason for odd scoring is France’s version of the game, Jeu de Paume in tennis. Further, the tennis court had 45 feet on each side of the net, and the player started at the back and moved forward each time, he scored a point in-game. That’s why it’s a little bit strange to think.

Is Deuce a French Words?

Deuce ( when the score reaches 40-40) Yes, it’s a French word that came from the word Deus, old French for two, or from a Deux de jeu, it means two points from the end of the game.

Where did Deuce come from?

The word deuce “devil” is deuce “two at dice or cards. Deuce two goes back to old French deus ( Morden French deux). But Latin duos the charge of duo. However, Deuce ”devil” is of Northern German origin, in which wat de duus.

Why does tennis score 15, 30, and 40?

Tennis is a different scoring system on the court. Like the clock face of the tennis score, with a quarter move of the minute hand to indicate a score of 15, 30, and 45, when the hand moves to 60 the is over. But the score stays within 60 ticks on the clock face but 45 changes to 40.

What does 15 all mean in tennis?

Tennis scoring is very easy to remember, it is 15 or 30 up a point gained by the player. if each player had won one point, the point score would be 15 all, and if it was 30, the score would be 30 all.


The four Grand Slams showcase the different ways to win a final set. How to win the Grand Slam tournament to achieve these famous titles. And before learning about the point set.

  • Australian Open: Final set. First to 10 points, tiebreak at 6-6
  • French Open: Final set. Advantage set, with no tiebreak
  • Wimbledon: Final set. First to 7 points, tiebreak at 12-12
  • US Open: Final set. First to 7 points, tiebreak at 6-6

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have got an idea about the scoring of tennis (deuce) and how to achieve a point in tennis from the start of the game. Do you have any queries about this please let us know. Thanks for reading.

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