Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels

Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels–Improve Your Tennis Skill

A tennis ball hopper is an excellent way of improving your tennis experience since it helps you speed up your game. Moreover, it is relatively inexpensive to invest if you take proper care of it.

However, without the best-in-class tennis ball hopper, improving your gaming experience is quite impossible. So, which tennis ball hopper to buy? Isn’t it challenging since a wide range of products is available? In order to help you in this regard, we reviewed the Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels for you.

Carefully read this in-depth review to learn more about the exceptional features of the Tourna Ballport tennis ball hopper.

Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper Review

Are you committed to improving your tennis skill? Or supporting someone else to boost up their tennis skill to the next level? Undoubtedly, buying a tennis ball hopper will be a worthy investment.

A ball hopper allows you to carry tennis balls in the ground when requiring them and allows you to keep the balls by your side when you train. Believe us; this item will be a significant addition when you train or practice tennis for a few hours as you get older.

Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels - Blue
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Holds 80 Balls
  • WHEELS make it extra easy to maneuver for people of all ages

Let’s look at the specification of the Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper.

  • Ball Capacity: 80
  • Stands: Yes. 29.5 inches – Deluxe is 33.5 inches               
    • Weight: 4 lbs – Deluxe is 4.5 lbs
    • Material: Heavy-duty double reinforced polypropylene
    • Wheels: Yes
    • Legs: Yes
    • Handles: 33”
    • Lid: Yes

    Now, here are some of the key features of Tourna Bellport.

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight
    • Easy and pleasant to use
    • Upgraded heavy duty double re-enforced polypropylene construction
    • Innovative and simple design
    • Highly durable
    • Patented usability
    • Large 80 balls capacity
    • Flexible functionality
    • Straightforward assemble process
    • Built-in wheels
    • Lock-in handles
    • Endorsed by Bryan Brothers and Pete Sampras

    We will go through an in-depth discussion of the features in the following sections.

    What did we like most?

    • Outstanding performance
    • Wheel for easy transport
    • Lightweight that you can move it from home to court easily
    • The handles are locked for convenient storing of the balls
    • Great design overall
    • Assembly is fast & easy.
    • Long handles
    • Well-constructed metal bars
    • Impressive functionality
    • Standard and high-quality tennis ball hopper
    • Easy to read instructions
    • Metal screws for fastening the handlebars and basket together.

    What could be better?

    • The wheels need to be 50%-60% larger for convenient tracking
    • Slightly heavier than other ball hoppers

    Ball Capacity

    The most overwhelming feature of Tourna Ball Ballport is its ball capacity. It holds up to 80 balls at a time which is relatively high compared to other ball hoppers.

    As a result, you can do a good amount of service practice without much interruption. Don’t worry, thinking that you may face trouble getting the balls from it since it holds ample balls.

    The truth is, at the bottom, it has a built-in bar roll, which makes it so simple to lift the ball into the hopper, even, though you will not face trouble when the basket is full. Also, this high-profile tennis ball hopper is 33.5” high for convenient ball feeding.

    In fact, usability is highly comfortable and easy with this tennis ball basket.

    Durable Construction

    Since you are investing in an item, it is necessary to buy a durable one because buying from time to time is entirely unnecessary. The good news is that Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper is constructed using heavy-duty double reinforced polypropylene, making it a durable item compared to other ball hoppers.

    Generally, ball hoppers from other brands are made of wires, making them less effective against wear and tear. Due to Tourna Ballport’s sturdy and rugged construction, it is promised
    to deliver prolonged years of service.

    More importantly, it is rust-proof and withstands wear and tear effectively.

    Easy Transportation

    Transporting the tennis ball hopper is mandatory on the tennis ground. Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturer built it with wheels. At the same time, it is lightweight enough so that you can comfortably carry it to the ground.

    Moreover, the handles are long enough for easy transportation from one place to another. Lock-in handles are its unique feature that lets the basket stay securely in whatever position you require. This way, collapsing of the entire unit or splitting out of the balls can easily be avoided.

    Additionally, you will find a slide on the bar lid at the top for secure transporting of the balls from home to court and vice-versa.

    Straightforward Assembly Process

    Another worth-mentioning feature of this tennis ball basket is the simple installation process. You can accomplish the entire assembly process within 10 minutes by taking assistance from a regular screwdriver.

    Follow the below steps to learn how to assemble Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels.

    • You will find the side panel mentioned Ballport name. Push and insert them together.
    • Then grab another end panel and push together.
    • Into the sliding grooves, position 2 top rods.
    • Next, within the projections of the rod, position 2 bottoms.
    • Then, insert the leftover end panel that has Ballport name on its side. Push and insert it together.
    • Now, take assistance from the included 8 screws. Use them to tighten the unit’s top and bottom corners.
    • On the end panels, the handles need to be inserted. Make sure, the hands are running vertically.
    • Over the handle, there are 2 holes where you need to insert the handles. Use the screws for well-tightening.
    • Revise the same process on the others side.

    Important Tip:

    Attach the wheels before assembling the unit. Below is the wheel assembly process.

    • You will find the side panel mentioned Ballport name. Pick it up.
    • The wheel’s holes need to be aligned perfectly on the panel’s corner
    • Next, follow the order to complete the wheel installation process: Screw > Washer >
    • Wheel > Hex Nut (Hex Nut is positioned on the panel’s inside)
    Tourna Pickleball Deluxe Caddy with Wheels


    • Wheels make it extra easy to maneuver for people of all ages
    • Super lightweight design
    • Made of durable, lightweight, double re-enforced polypropylene
    • Flexible and rolling bars at the bottom
    • Stands 33.5 inches high, for easy reach access.
    • Easy assembly required

    Tourna BallPort Tennis Balls Pick Up hopper has an extraordinary tool to pick up tennis balls, here are video tutorials for a better understanding of why this Tourna is the best tennis balls hopper.

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    Do the legs come off for easier storage? 

    Yes, they do, but then you lose the prime function of the hopper.

    Is the basket portion of the hopper collapsible?

    No, the basket isn't collapsible – however, this is an excellent tennis ball hopper and easily fits on the seat of a car.

    Can this be used as a stand? 

    If you mean it can be used as a standing basket (for serving practice, for instance), the answer is " yes."

    Last Words

    Hopefully, with the above-discussed features, you are now fully clear of the functionality of the Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels. When training tennis, this ball basket will surely help you to enhance your skill.

    This ball hopper is easy to transport and install. Also, it holds a decent amount of balls that you don’t need to load and unload the ball too frequently. You will never regret buying this ball basket, unarguably.

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