Best Dog Tennis Balls Bulk- Pick Up Your One

Who doesn’t know that dogs love to play fetch tennis balls with their owners? If you want to keep your four-legged partner entertained, then you should get one. The dog tennis ball’s bulk should be in perfect shape, so your dog feels comfortable carrying those around.

As dogs are so fond of tennis balls, I have researched the most popular dog tennis balls bulk. I have seen that many tennis balls can be fatal for your loving pet’s health. These tennis balls in bulk for dogs so let’s go reading!

The 10 Best Dog Tennis Balls Bulk Review

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That’s why I searched a lot for the best bulk tennis balls for dogs and found the top 10. Below there I have described well about our top 10 products. Please continue to read.

dog tennis balls bulk


1. Woof Sports Dog Tennis Balls

This family-oriented dog-loving company always tries to produce the best quality dog products. They added the best necessary features customers find in a good quality tennis ball for dogs. As dogs not only fetch and play with the balls, they chomp and chew the ball often. So, to make the ball durable, they made the ball layer thicker.

Big tennis balls can’t fit in the mouth of small dogs, so they made the balls smaller for small breed dogs. These are the best tennis balls for dogs that chew. The manufacturers tested the chewing and chomping on this ball for many days by their Springer Spaniel.

Highlighted Features

  • The ball is deep orange-colored, so on the grass or outside, the ball’s visibility is 100%.
  • This ball is made of natural rubber, which is toxic-free.
  • Woof Sports Dog Tennis Balls are 15% thicker than normal balls which ensures enough durability.
  • In one mesh carrying bag, you will get 12 Orange tennis balls; the mesh bag is reusable.


  • Fits perfectly in the smaller dog’s mouth
  • Suitable for ball launchers
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Safe for pet’s health


  • The manufacturer company is not so big

Why will you like the product?

This tennis ball can survive under powerful chompers. Entertain your pets with these balls now. Our 95% of customers gave very positive feedback about this ball.

Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports

2. The Dog’s Balls Dog Tennis Ball

Dogs have a chasing prey instinct. That’s why they love to play this ball fetch game. The Dog’s Balls brand produces high-standard balls that are tested and verified by higher authorities. It’s the best dog tennis balls bulk. To control your dog’s prey instinct and make them calmer, owners use tennis balls to make them chase.

It also benefited their physical exercises. Some dogs run after any smaller birds, cats, or moving cars or bicycles. To control this hyperactive desire, throwing and chasing tennis balls is the best option. This brand made their balls with utmost care for animals and the necessities of owners. These balls look like tennis balls, but they are even better in features.

Highlighted Features

  • The balls have thicker walls that make these durable and robust.
  • These balls can be placed in the dog’s mouth because they are 100% safe for the pet’s health.
  • The manufacturers made this ball with total non-toxic materials.
  • The sphere and glue in the ball are 100% non-toxic, and the ink and stamp on the ball are non-toxic.


  • bouncy Enough.
  • 12 pieces of blue balls in one package.
  • Suitable for powerful chewing.


  • The ball is not made in the USA.

Why will you like the product?

The balls which give fantastic bounces, dogs love those balls. This ball is super bouncy, and I’m sure your pet is gonna love this excellent dog toy.

The Dog's Balls, Dog Tennis Balls,IDOGMATE Dog Ball Launcher

3. PIKASEN Squeaky Tennis Balls for Dogs

This ball is one of the most interactive toy balls for dogs. You can say from the name that this ball is pretty exceptional. You will get 3 different colors of balls here- red, blue, and yellow. All of these are dog-sensitive colors so it will be fun. Owners mainly use this ball for training their new dogs.

If the new dog doesn’t know how to interact with humans, they use this squeaky ball and dog food to train them. The ball is purposely made in different sizes like 4″, 2.5″, or 2″. From big dogs to medium dogs, these sizes are suitable for all kinds of dogs and breeds. Inside, the squeaker will make your dog excited.

Highlighted Features

  • You will get 12 pieces of medium-sized(2.5″) balls in one package.
  • The colors are dog sensitive, like red, blue, and yellow.
  • You can perfectly train your dogs with these squeaky balls.
  • The balls are made of natural rubber and wrapped with tennis ball fabric for safety.


  • The best training balls for dogs.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • The air-hollow core makes the ball durable.


  • If your dog loves to chew, then he might need teeth grinding sticks.

Why will you like the product?

Your dog will get excited when he hears the squeaky noise. He will get hyper to find where he is squeaky. This is one of the best durable tennis balls for dogs.

PIKASEN Dog Squeaky Tennis Balls

Dog Tennis Balls

4. PIKASEN Small Tennis Balls

Another excellent tennis ball from the PIKASEN brand. The difference between the previous ball and this ball is, that these balls are smaller in size. As they are smaller, they are very suitable for puppies, smaller dog breeds, and cats. Every dog loves to play with balls and chase balls passionately.

These balls are mini-sized, only 1.5″, which makes them easier to fetch for smaller dogs and cats. There are 3 different colors that dogs love- blue, red, and yellow. Likewise, with the smaller size the weight of the balls is very light too. It makes it easy for the dogs to fetch them to their owner. Owners who got new puppies use these balls to train their puppies.

Highlighted Features

  • In one package, 12 pieces and different 3 colored balls are available.
  • These balls are very ideal for kitties, puppies, and smaller dog breeds.
  • Owners can make their dogs exercise with these balls.
  • The ball is made of rubber and covered with tennis ball fabric.


  • Can be a fun addition to your dog toys.
  • 100% pet safe.
  • Dog loves these colors.


  • Not for big dogs, they can swallow the small balls.

Why will you like the product?

There are very few balls that are purposely made for puppies and cats. Thanks to this company, they thought about this issue and made these amazing tennis balls for smaller dogs.

PIKASEN 1.5" Small Tennis

Dog Tennis Balls

5. Midlee Mini Dog Tennis Balls

Here are some 25 pieces of multi-colored balls for your mini canines. The bright and dog-sensitive colors will engage your little canines in playtime. The buyers of these balls felt very satisfied with these balls and gave positive feedback about these balls.

Their puppies chew and chase these balls and get well trained with this single ball. It’s the best Dog tennis balls bulk. Just like the big dogs, younger dogs also wish to play with balls. However, big or medium-sized balls get hard to fit in a smaller dog’s mouth. So, it has to be 1.5″-2″.

Highlighted Features

  • You will get a set of bags with 25 balls and different colors like blue, red, pink, orange, and yellow.
  • The size of these balls is 1.5″.
  • You can train your smaller dogs with these balls.
  • Made of non-toxic and pet-friendly materials.


  • Quite durable under powerful chompers.
  • Makes good bounces.
  • Bright colors make the dogs engaged.


  • Big dogs may swallow the balls.

Why will you like the product?

For your mini canines, get one set of these balls. I guarantee you will sigh with satisfaction when you see your puppy’s happy time with those bright tennis balls.

Mini Dog Tennis Balls Bulk

Dog Tennis Balls

6. PIKASEN Rainbow Tennis Balls for Dogs

There is a very heartwarming story behind making this amazing ball. The manufacturer had an Alaskan dog named Rainbow. He loved to play tennis, and rainbow used to run around the tennis court and fetch the ball for him. He found it very adorable. Rainbow died because of an accident, and it was a very terrible time for him.

He wanted Rainbow to be remembered. That’s why he made these tennis balls and designed Rainbow’s head on them. He made various colors of balls that resemble Rainbow. Heartwarming, right? Not only heartwarming but also the balls have all the quality features you want in them.

Highlighted Features

  • The manufacturer made this ball in 2 sizes. 2.3″ for medium-sized dogs like pugs, Pomerania, Chow, and Poodle, and 2.5″ for big or giant-sized dogs like Alaskan Malamute, Golden Retriever, and Shepherd dogs.
  • You will see 6 different colors in these balls- Orange, red, yellow, blue, green, and purple.
  • All balls are made of pet-friendly materials.
  • Good elasticity ensures the durability of the balls.


  • Comes in a mesh carry bag.
  • The taste of natural rubber enhances the dog’s biting instinct.
  • Can be the perfect gift for dog lovers.


  • Not for puppies.

Why will you like the product?

You can blindly rely on this brand because they have always produced 100% pet-safe and fantastic tennis balls for dogs.

PIKASEN Rainbow Tennis Balls

Dog Tennis Balls

7. SCIROKKO Dog Squeaky Tennis Balls

If you have an aggressive chewer in your house, then this ball is for you. The balls are super durable and made of 100% non-toxic materials. The bright orange color stimulates the dog’s senses, and they got engrossed in playing. The fluorescent orange color can be detected very well in grassy places, and you won’t lose balls very easily while playing. Enjoy your leisure time with your furry bud now.

The ball is 2.5″ sized, which means they are ideal for big dogs. They will love their outdoor time playing with this ball now. Now you can afford endless fun time without killing time in boredom. It has the bulk of the dog tennis balls.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of natural rubber and glue.
  • The ball can make a perfect bounce, which can excite your dogs.
  • Perfect and ideal for big dogs.
  • Inside the squeaker, dogs, feel amazing and active.


  • 100% pet safe.
  • Durable under powerful chewers.
  • Bright colors make the dog feel fun.


  • Not for puppies.

Why will you like the product?

You can buy this product at an affordable price and get all the best features in it. So, why not try this ball for your canine friend once?

 SCIROKKO 12 Pack Dog Squeaky Tennis Balls  Dog Tennis Balls

8. PUPTECK 12 Pack Dog Squeaky Tennis Balls

Looking for the best tennis balls for dogs? Here comes another great product, and it is from PUPTECK. The ball comes in medium size (2.5 inches). They have used natural and durable rubber that is completely safe for dogs and more appropriate for their dental health.

If you have multiple dogs in your home, it will be more fun as the balls make sounds. You must see these bulk dog tennis balls last longer than the other balls. The balls are not easy to be bitten. They are non-toxic as well as environment-friendly.

Using this ball, you can train your dog well and prevent violent behavior like vocal swallowing. Each pack comes with 12 tennis balls. They are light yellow. The fabric surface of the balls never hurts your dog’s gum. So, no need to search for more products when you have already got this one.

Highlighted Features

  • 2.5-inch size.
  • The balls can make sounds.
  • Safe for dog’s gum.
  • Made of environment-friendly, non-toxic natural rubber
  • Training your dog with these bouncy balls will be easier.


  • Good bounce.
  • Catchy color.


  • No negativity.

What will you like about the product?

The unique thing is the sound that creates the balls. It can attract dogs faster.

PUPTECK 12 Pack Dog Squeaky Tennis Balls
Dog Tennis Balls

9. Insum Tennis Ball for Dog Pack of 12pcs Mesh Bag Pet Dog Ball

Insum sport is a reliable name and they are here with a reliable pet dog ball set. The balls pass the European safety standard for pets. They are made of natural high-quality rubber. It also gives a soft feel and never hurts the dog’s skin or gum.

They have maintained a good bounce formula on these balls. They bounce less than original tennis balls and more than random pet balls. So, while training, your dog can learn mid-air catch by playing with these balls. Another great thing is the included mesh bag.

They are also reusable. The balls come in a red color that is very easy to find on the green grass. It’s the most popular Dog tennis balls bulk. This is a set of 12 tennis balls for a dog’s bulk. All come with a standard size of 6.35cm in diameter and weighs only 56 grams. Considering all the facts, the balls must be a good choice for your pet.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of eco-friendly, high-quality rubber.
  • 100% safe and exceeding European pet safety standards.
  • Standard size: 6.35 cm, Weight: 56 gram, Color: Red
  • Reusable mesh bag included.
  • Perfect balls for training your pet.


  • Color is perfect for playing on the green field.
  • Exceptional bounce.


  • The balls can’t sound.

Why will you like the product?

Obviously, the exceptional bouncing formula is the unique feature of this ball. Your dog will be a skilled one quicker using these balls.

 insum Tennis Ball for DogDog Tennis Balls

10. Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Dog Tennis Ball Large Pet Toys

Be close to your dog by gifting his fun toys. Here is a good suggestion for you – giant tennis balls. These balls are made of natural rubber and felt material. Your pet must get it soft enough and excuse in fun having these balls. The size of the balls is 9.5 inches.

These balls are perfect for 1st training. It will improve your dog’s metabolism system and make him active. Biting the balls is tough. So, undoubtedly they will last longer than random pet balls. The materials used in the balls are non-toxic and non-abrasive. Some people think tennis balls are injurious for a pet’s dental health.

These balls are safe for dogs’ teeth of all ages. The balls come without inflating. You will get an inflating needle with the product. The bright yellow color can easily catch the attention of your pet. So, get the balls now and make more memories with your pet dogs.

Highlighted Features

  • Giant size tennis ball. (9.5 inches)
  • More suitable for baby pet dogs.
  • Increase the metabolism system
  • Made of natural rubber and completely safe for dog’s overall health.
  • Comes without inflating.


  • Safe for dog’s teeth.
  • Soft feel.


  • The size is slightly large.

Why will you like the product?

These balls are more appropriate for 1s time training. Using these balls. The first practice will be more fun.

Banfeng Giant 9.5" Dog Tennis Ball  Dog Tennis Balls

Buying Guide for Bulk Tennis Balls for Dogs

Now it’s time to help you by giving some instructions. I will discuss some common topics to help you choose the best cheap bulk tennis balls for dogs. It is the best dog tennis ball bulk. Read our best pressureless tennis balls article here.

Consider the Size

There are mainly 3 different sizes of balls available; small, medium, and large. The medium size balls are called the standard size. Small or big, it is appropriate for all sizes of dogs. The small balls help to gain more speed and make your dog more active. But small balls are not used widely. The giant size tennis balls are widely used for 1st practice.

Colour of the Tennis Balls

Another thing is the color of the ball. Tennis balls for dogs will always be bright and attractive—pets like colorful balls more. Don’t choose a ball with the same color as green grass.

Safe for the Dogs

The most important thing is to maintain the safety features. The balls will be made of natural rubber. They will be non-abrasive and toxic-free. The balls will also be soft enough. Make sure it won’t hurt your dog’s skin or gum.

Another thing to ensure is the balls will not affect the dental health of your dog. If the product exceeds the European safety standard on pets, you can choose the product to close your eyes. Read our one of the best articles ”Best Tennis Balls for Dogs” 

Peoples Opinion

Must check out the ratings and reviews of the past users. Choose a tennis ball with a good rating. I suggest getting any brandy product. All of our suggested products are chosen after a good review. So, you can easily rely on them. Please read our other article, best tennis balls for clay courts.

(FAQ) Tennis Balls in Bulk for Dogs

What is the best dog tennis ball bulk?

I have already suggested the 10 best products. It’s hard to determine the 1 best product. It will vary from person to person. But among them, “Insum Tennis Ball for Dog Pack of 12pcs Mesh Bag Pet Dog Ball” this product is standard and more famous. Tennis Balls alternative or dogs

What is the standard size bulk tennis ball for a dog?

There are different sizes of tennis balls. Among them, the medium size balls are known as the standard size balls. After reviewing many products and people’s opinions, I found balls with a diameter of 6.35 cm are the most standard size for dogs.

Can dogs choke on balls?

Yes, the small size balls can cause accidents. The small size balls can be deadly for your pet. Considering the worst case, the ball can slip down your pet dog’s throat and cause him to choke.

Are regular tennis balls safe for dogs?

No, regular tennis balls can affect your dog’s dental health. The dog tennis balls are made with different processes with non-abrasive effectiveness. Normal tennis balls can cause problems for the dogs’ teeth and gums.

Do tennis balls for dogs float on the water?

It depends on the quality of the ball. Most of the balls float for a certain time. After that, they lose holds. Besides, floating on the water can decrease the lifespan of the balls.


I have discussed different types of balls with different sizes and features. So, you can tell any of them the best. Considering their features in different views, they are one of the very best bulk dog tennis balls at present. Now, it’s on you to get the bulk tennis balls for dogs.

Now choose which dog tennis balls bulk, will be selected. Choose any ball from the list and spend quality time with your dog.

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