walker balls

Walker Balls- Pre Cut Tennis balls

Should you Use Walker Balls?-Why and How to Use?

Have you decided to use walker balls in your walker? Very good decision. But before trying it you need to achieve some knowledge about it.
In this article, I will discuss why will you use it, how will you use it, and is it safe for you or not? So, further, any discussion, let’s go to the main points.

Why Do People Put Tennis Balls on Walker?

walker balls
walker balls

There are some reasons for using tennis balls on the walker. The main advantage of using it is to gain a little more traction and stability. As it has more surface area, it will provide more traction.

Further, this Pre-cut ball protects floors from scuffs and scrapes. Besides, walker-ball glides smoothly across most surfaces. Do those balls have many colors which one do you like most? Even so example Duromed tennis walker ball

Walkers generally come with rubber tips on the bottom. They are not enough slippy to move easily. Some times they can cause harm to carpets. If you use a walking ball then you won’t face this problem.
Nobody likes dirty walker. If you use a walker ball, you will get rid of dirt in the leg of your walker.

Let’s get the points at a glance.

More traction and stability.
Protectant carpets and floors from scrapes and scuff marks.
Anywhere easy to move.
Keeps the walker clean.
Help your favorite pet’s busy
Very high environment friendly
To remove or easy to recycle

What are Walker Balls?

walker balls
walker balls

Most of us are familiar with the term “Walker ball.” Here I will help you to gain a bit more knowledge about the walker ball.

Walker balls are pre-ready and pre-cut tennis-ball that are used on the feet of a walker. The older people generally use it who don’t have enough strength to walk properly. It helps to walk faster.

Sometimes young kids use it. They feel restricted inside the kid’s walker. Ball walkers are free. Walker tennis balls don’t fit all types of walkers. You have to take the measure and select balls according to the size.

How do you Put Tennis Ball on Walker?

walker balls
walker balls

Does it seem tough? No, it is just a 2-minute task. At first, you may get it complex, but it will be easy after 2 times of practice. Let’s get the steps to put a tennis ball on the walker.

Step 1: Stabilize the Tennis Ball

If you know how to stabilize, it will take just 30 minutes. If you a pre-stabilized ball then you don’t need to do it.

2 Create a Hole

Now make an initial hole into the place where the cut will start. You can use a knife, nail, hammer, or any sharp tool.

3 Make an X

Not start from the whole and create an ‘X’ into the ball. Be careful while cutting. Most of the people feel it easy. But it is the toughest task.

4 Set the Ball

Now open up the flap and up the legs into the ball. Don’t open up too much. You can use tape or glue to ensure stability.

Should I Use Tennis Balls on Walker?

walker ball
walker balls

There is a controversy about this question. Some people take the use of walker ball positively, some take negative.

Many people have some miserable experiences with a walker ball. Remember, you need to have some balance and know the way to use it. If you feel you can control use property, it makes your life easier then you can use tennis balls on the walker.

Bottom Line

If you look at the positive sites then the pre-cut ball is very much helpful to lead a smooth life. I have discussed the way to use it and reasons to use it.

Before you use them into your walker, learn about the ways and tips to use it. Hopefully, your life will be smoother having a tennis ball in your walker.

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