Penn Championship Tennis Balls Review with Regular Duty vs Extra Duty

Top Brand tennis balls are the Penn tennis balls which occupy the all US and other countries number one best selling tennis balls in the world. Penn has various series of tennis balls and is famous for its durable, bounce. quality and great longevity.

So today we cove the best-selling tennis balls review that is Penn Championship Tennis Balls Review under all Penn tennis balls that are super value added to your regular playing tennis. So Penn championship tennis balls regular duty and extra duty tennis balls are the main focus because of higher quality and cheaper tennis balls as well.

According to the can’s level Penn Championship Tennis Balls are the always top-selling position in America. So let’s check out the details

All the Penn Championship Tennis Balls Review Penn Championship Tennis Balls

1. Penn Championship Tennis Balls Regular Duty

Penn championship tennis balls regular duty felt pressurized tennis ball with 100-year reputation best selling tennis balls in America. It is a great performer with a control fiber release that is perfect for even naps. Penn championship uses natural rubber which is offer you a consistent feel to play.

It is good for reducing any shock and provides a beautiful hitting sound with unparalleled consistency feel you great every time when you hit the ball. These balls are regular-duty tennis ball that is suitable for the clay court surface and it is also played on all the indoor or outdoor hard court surfaces as well.

It is an official ball of USTA Leagues you will play with some of the versions are the extra-duty felt, regular duty felt, and extra duty high altitude felt. You have got the many packs of the Penn championship regular duty tennis balls 6-pack, 12 pack, 12-can case, and 24 can case.

What we like most

  • America’s #1 selling tennis ball
  • Ideal for soft courts
  • It is Felt made by Tex Tech
  • Keep it in play and longevity
  • This can is 100% recyclable
  • Both adults and older children alike

What we didn’t like most

  • It’s fixing a court for the best

Penn Championship Tennis Balls

2. Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Penn championship extra duty felt pressurized tennis balls that supply you with reliable performance with a super consistent feel and reduced any shock. They are used as professional tennis balls that are even used in the USTA League tennis matches.

Extra duty tennis balls are used for the hard surface which means it is suitable for a hard tennis court it would be artificial it’s okay. Extra duty has another version is extra duty high altitude felt which is the super durability tennis ball.

It had the interlocked wool fiber because it confirms the all-surface tennis ball will play as long as possible. So don’t worry about any cracking, it has used deep elastic seams to diminish cracking. Further, The shape of the can does not change rather the pressure inside the sealed can will remain fresh and consistent.

What we like most

  • Official ball of the USTA League tennis
  • It is a controlled fiber release for consistent nap
  • It used natural rubber and reduce shock
  • Best performer tennis ball for hard surface
  • Lasting durability & and packed tennis ball but still look fresh

What we didn’t like most

  • Temperature, however, can affect the pressure

Penn Championship Extra Duty

3. Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball Penn pink championship tennis ball

Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball is a standard tennis ball representing a consistent feeling when you will play. It compares with other tennis balls only for color and nothing else.

Its playability and visibility are great not to worry about the green or yellow color because it is a Penn Championship tennis ball. We suggested you purchase to join the fight against breast cancer research, for every sale of this ball $.15 per can of pink all-court tennis ball sold to benefit breast cancer research.

4. Penn Championship High Altitude Head Tennis Balls

Penn championship high altitude head tennis balls are high durability and great bounce ball. Overall a great tennis ball for any recreation, tournament, and occasion. It is Penny that thinks these are the best feature ball ever made any of the Penn championship tennis balls.

It is an extra duty felt tennis ball with the high altitude core ball and various tennis packs in 2 packs of 3 balls. It is another best of the latest updated version, Penn extra duty tennis balls are able to stand up which is a large amount of force and intensity.

Besides, it comes in a sealed storage container to keep the tennis balls, and there the optimal condition when you are not using them. More details about extra duty vs regular duty tennis ball.

What we like most

  • Extra-duty felt
  • High-altitude core
  • USTA & ITF Approved – Official Ball
  • Natural Rubber for consistent Play
  • High Altitude Head Tennis Balls

What we didn’t like most

  • Little bit high price
Penn Championship High Altitude

5. Penn Championship XD High Altitude Tennis Balls

Penn Championship XD High Altitude Tennis Balls are the official tennis ball of the USTA and are approved by ITF. It is another version of the Penn championship XD high altitude tennis ball from the previous version the high altitude. It is a perfect tennis ball for serious and casual players.

From the high altitude, you will convey a season of training, and casual matches to cover this ball. It has a great feature that you understand the meaning of XD version, it’s a 31/32” tapered handle with provides you a better performance diamond grip which is a 25/8′ barrel diameter.

It will give you a faster swing speed that is designed for this speed for M.O.I with BBCOR certified ball. Next, it is the Ponytail port that allows athletes to comfortably wear it.

What we like most Penn Championship XD High Altitude

  • Durable ABS shell
  • Premium fitted helmet
  • High-impact tennis balls
  • Advised to use them

What we didn’t like most

  • No Drawback found

Different Types of Tennis Balls

There are various types of tennis balls used for different tennis surfaces, it depends on the skill level and styles of play. So pick the right tennis ball are improve your game absolutely. Here are some of the categories such as,

Extra Duty Tennis Balls for Hard Courts

Extra duty tennis ball made for use of the hard court surface. Because it’s fiber thicker on extra duty that holds the wear and tear of an unforgiving surface.

Regular Duty Tennis Balls are For Clay Courts

Regular duty balls are used for clay and grass tennis court because the fiber coating the thinner but isn’t picking the clay court. The clay court absorbs the impact of the ball. Regular duty balls you will use for hard court but it will not last long.

Clay court tennis balls

FAQ Penn Championship Tennis Balls  Regular Duty Felt

What is the difference between regular duty and extra duty tennis balls?

They’re a little bit different about the regular duty and extra duty tennis balls. Regular duty ball is a thinner and less fuzzy felt covering tennis balls but it will pick for less clay court. Extra duty is for a hard surface also use for the grass court.

Can you use regular-duty tennis balls on hard courts?

If you are playing on a hard court you should use extra duty tennis balls but regular duty is not suitable for hard court. Thus you can use the regular duty ball on a hard court it will wear down quicker.

Is there a difference in Penn tennis balls?

Yes, there is a similar different Pro Penn ball to Penn Tour in terms of the balls being great playability.

They are different in their long-play felt and encore technology used of them, actually, they make them one of the longest-lasting pressurized balls at the present. Also, Penn introduce a new Tribute tennis ball recently.

What is the difference between Penn and Pro Penn tennis balls?

Both are the long-lasting tennis ball on demand right now but these features encore technology in the center for the 22% longer playability. Thus the Pro Penn Marathon is of slightly higher quality than the Penn tennis balls.

Are Pro Penn tennis balls good?

Yes, it is a good tennis ball, its rating is 5.0 out of 5 start review of the best ball ever. Everybody loves to play tennis with Pro Penn tennis ball that added super value in the market, it also best for tennis ball machine.

How long do Penn Championship balls last?

Playing tennis at a recreational or tournament a can of the pressurized tennis ball will last anywhere 1-4 weeks of light to moderate play. However, if you are used for competitive tennis a pressurized set tennis ball might last as little as 1-3 hours only.

On the other hand, the pressureless tennis ball can last 1 year even may be longer than you will use it.


All of the above the Penn championship tennis balls reviewed with the Penn championship tennis balls regular duty and an extry duty tennis ball that covered with full details.

You can purchase any of them Penn championship tennis balls case which would be perfect for you and enjoy your play with the Penn balls tennis championship regular duty felt pressurized cans.

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