tennis ball upper back massage

Effective 8 Tennis Ball Upper Back Massage: Pick Up

Our regular enjoying life is sometimes painful having unwanted body pain. There are many natural and artificial ways to deal with them. Most of the therapists forbade using medicine as you can face side effects. Among some natural ways, the tennis ball upper back massage can be a great option for you.

We research some of the natural products but within them those we selected ball work very well. But why did we select it and why you can use this ball for pain relief.

How To Tennis Ball Upper Back Massage

It is a very general message no need to spend money on a professional massage. Also, getting into your upper back with a lacrosse tennis ball will do the main trick. Jason Hantavis, MSPT, CSCS, OCS Clinic Manager at Physical Therapy Innovations (Hopkinton) said that using a tennis ball or lacrosse ball to self-mobilize your upper back can improve thoracic, scapular, and shoulder mobility.

However, follow the step-by-step guide, let’s go-to reading.

Step 1: firstly lean against any wall and place a lacrosse or tennis ball between your back and the surface of the parapet. So you must ensure your ball has not produced a spine.

Step 2: Secondly, move up and down and let the pressure of the ball go over your muscles. Also, you can use surrounding soft tissue.

Step 3: Thirdly, Everyone gets more benefit, pull your ball sidearm across your chest and support it with your other hand. Other arm letting it relax. Lastly, open up the muscles and allows for a deeper message.

Step 4: Fourthly, it is very easy, move your ball to another side of your back after a couple of minutes. Move slowly and slowly. Hantavis said that one-and-a-half to two minutes on each side will suffice. That’s all.

I think you have already understood today’s topic. We have researched the best upper back ball massages and selected some products. We have consulted with a few physiotherapists and found them safe for our bodies. Here, I will discuss the products in detail.

We Recommended the Best Some Alternative Tennis Ball Upper Back Massage Review

Here we try to find the tennis ball massage upper back which is really performing better than other machines or therapy. Let’s go to check this list of tennis ball back massages. Cheers!

tennis ball upper back massage

1. 4KOR Fitness Ultimate Massage Balls for Physical Therapy

Deal with body pain, muscle stiffness, soreness, and other problem having these amazing massage balls. Created by physiotherapists the massage balls improve circulation, decrease the risk of muscle injuries and increase mobility.

The product includes a red therapy ball, a black massager ball, and a small size lacrosse ball. You will get them in a nice carrying back along with an exercise guide. A fitness ball that would be a Tennis ball upper back massage

The lacrosse balls are very helpful for small areas. It improves myofascial release and precision. Again, the facility’s rubber planter balls are compatible with the massage grid with maximum gripping power. So using them you will get a maximum result. There are a lot more benefits you will get using these balls.

Key Features

  • The sizes of balls: Therapy ball (4.75 inches), massager ball (3.2 inches), lacrosse ball 65 mm.
  • Get instruction and exercise guide.
  • Do not need any electric source to use them.
  • Use it anywhere in your body and get an outcome.
  • Made of natural rubber.
  • Physiotherapists approved the product.



  • Hard to find any issue with these balls.

Why will you like this product?

The best thing is the lacrosse ball. It allows you to reach and treat even the smallest portion of pain.

KOR Fitness Ultimate Massage Balls

2. Massagers for Neck and Back with Heat

Get introduced with Shiatsu Kneading messenger the solution to your long-lasting pain. This massager is designed to fight against different types of problems such as neck stiffness, neck pain, aching muscle, fatigue, and others. There are 4 buttons available on this massager.

The most advantageous thing about this product is its portable nature. You can easily carry this massager pillow on any trip and get proper use of it. As it comes in a beautiful and compact size pouch there will be no problem in carrying it.

There is a good number of functions available in this massager. Get the coziest massage by regulating the heat, using the bidirectional nodes for endless and comfortable massage, and more. You can use this product on your neck, head, shoulder, calves, glutes, back, leg, and feet. So, enjoy the full-body massage with this amazing product.

Key Features

  • The ultimate solution to your body pain.
  • 4 different buttons with different functions.
  • Can be used on almost everywhere of your body.
  • A leather pouch is available for carrying.
  • 2 smart loops for ensuring total relaxation.


  • Easy to use.
  • Multifunction massager.


  • The straps are not adjustable.

Why will you like this product?

The product is so easy to carry. It fits perfectly in the leather pouch that comes with this product.

Massagers for Neck and Back with Heat

3. 5BILLION peanut massage ball

Make your muscle therapy session more comfortable and effective with the new 5BILLION peanut massage balls. Self-massage is much awful and many tools fail to show much difference.

But it is not the same! It can remove your physical pain and give your body muscles some worthy treatment, and you can have top-class benefits with its lot of usability. The new 5BILLION peanut massage ball will make your self-massaging hassle-free and much more comfortable.

With good performance and other such features, these are some of the best and most long-lasting double lacrosse massage balls for all.

Key Features

  • Made of natural and high-quality rubber.
  • It has the shape of a peanut that is really great for reaching muscles in some critical areas and
  • It weighs about 12oz and the diameter is 5” x 2.5”
  • Perfect size and weight for self-massage and carry.


  • Quality products.
  • Hard-area reaching design.
  • The rubber never gets smelly.


  • More color options should be added.

Why Will You Like This Product?

5BILLION FITNESS is always a reliable brand. This product is also not different. The combination of its perfect design, size, and weight makes it comfortable to use anywhere anytime.

5BILLION peanut massage ball

4. Acupoint Physical Massage Therapy Ball Set

Therapy is a thing that needs to be accurate and perfect as well as comfortable in order to have benefited from it. Wrong therapy tools can affect negatively your muscle tissues. That’s why choosing the right therapy equipment is important.

Acupoint physical massage therapy ball set is a great answer to that. One of the best ball-type therapy equipment with lots of features and vast usability.

Not all the massaging tools are good enough. These small therapy balls really a good one. This is a thing that you probably never regret buying.

Key Features

  • These balls are going to assist you for a prolonged time.
  • Made of high-quality and durable rubber.
  • It has the shape of a peanut that is really great for reaching muscles of some critical areas.
  • These balls affect much faster for fascial release, tissue pain relief, trigger point massage therapy, and so on.


  • The combination of the two balls opens a wider usability range.
  • These balls have the shape of a tennis ball and are effortless to carry anywhere.
  • These balls assure you not to get hard and smelly for a longer time.


  • Might feel small for some people.

Why Will You Like This Product?

These balls are much better than any similar balls. These are truly made for relaxation, not for adding extra pain which many other therapy balls do.

Acupoint Physical Massage Therapy Ball Set

5. Invincible Fitness Deep Tissue Massage Ball Set

Want some massage balls designed by professional athletes? Yes, the Invincible Fitness brand gave attention to your need and produced the highest quality products. These balls are more effective than smaller massage balls.

In this set, you will get 4 different-sized massage balls. 2.5″ lacrosse ball, 5″ high-density ball, a spiky ball, and 5.3″ foam peanut massage ball. These sized balls are very effective to target your tensed muscles. To ease sore and tight muscles, anywhere on your body, these balls are quite efficient.

The lacrosse ball, you can use the ball anywhere on your body. The peanut-shaped ball is mainly used to roll around your shoulder, back, and spine. The spiky ball is the best one. It targets the trigger points and gives relief and improves your blood circulation.

Key Features

  • It comes in 4 different sizes and types of balls.
  • The 5″ diameter ball is the perfect choice to roll around any area of the body.
  • These balls are very effective than larger or smaller-sized balls.
  • Helps to massage trigger points, myofascial release, vanish shoulder, and back pain.
  • Just simply lean on the balls and roll your specific area around the ball.


  • Doesn’t lose its shape after rough use.
  • Very durable.
  • The effective result of pain relief.


  • Expensive.

Why will you like this product?

You will get the best quality products in one set. Gives relief from pain, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances joint power. Best for athletes, yogis, and players.

Invincible Fitness Deep Tissue Massage Ball Set

6. Enlightened Trade Lacrosse Massage Balls

Want to ease your sore muscles at home without breaking your bank? Here is the answer. For massage therapy, lacrosse balls are effective and famous. In one set, you will get two firm lacrosse balls.

These balls easily find the source of pain and begin their work to vanish the pain away. Customers reviewed that after just 1 use, they have felt a noticeable change in their chronic pain.

Those people who have any severe injuries, post-operation therapy, physical stress, or anyone can use these balls. Plus, the balls target numerous points of your body and relax your muscles day by day.

Key Features

  • Ideal massage balls to massage sore muscles, tight knots, and chronic pain.
  • Finds the source of pain and instantly begins to soothe the affected area.
  • These lacrosse balls are made with high-quality material to endure any kind of body pressure.
  • Loosen your tensed muscles like shoulder, neck, back, hips, thigh, and feet.
  • Not only vanish recent pain but also prevents future pain.


  • Two balls in one set.
  • Firm body.
  • Doesn’t lose its shape.


  • A little smaller in size.

Why will you like this product?

The colors of these balls are beautiful and they are very easy to transfer or carry anywhere. Comes with a free exercise guide.

Enlightened Trade Lacrosse Massage Balls

7. Enzo Sub-Zero Cryosphere Cold Therapy Ball

This is the most iconic and exceptional massage ball on our list. This massage ball has a useful and handy handle to grab and roll on the specific area where you want to ease your muscle.

If you keep this massage ball in the fridge, it will stay cold for up to 3 hours. And in hot water, it will give you a hot massage. A perfect roller for using at home or to-go. The roller is smooth and doesn’t pinch or hurt your skin.

With the handle, you can target your affected area and massage it. If you are an athlete, player, or suffering post-injury, you must have this one to ease your pain quickly.

Key Features

  • The ball is made of stainless steel. The steel is food-graded, eco-friendly, and durable.
  • The ball stays cold for up to 3 hours and offers you at least 40 minutes of relaxation massage.
  • The handle of this ball is made of high-density thermoplastic.
  • The rubber grip at the handle makes it easy to grab and use.


  • Improves any kind of body pain.
  • Durable and effective.
  • Helpful handle design.


  • Sometimes awkward to use.

Why will you like this product?

The massage ball has the most effective design to massage your specific area. It finds the area and breaks up the tensed areas.

Enzo Sub-Zero Cryosphere Cold Therapy Ball

8. RAD Roller Deep Tissue Peanut Massage Tool for Neck, Upper Back,

Last but the most efficient massage ball in our top list. The shape of this ball is specially designed for using all parts of your body. All parts mean from neck to feet. This single ball will work as your regular massage therapist.

These balls are magically effective to release your tense muscle and reducing the toxic materials from your tissues. Plus, it helps the recovery of your each joint and makes you super relaxed.

A very compact designed and easily transportable massage ball to use on regular basis. The density of this ball is not too soft, not too rough, it’s gentle to use and soothing. It doesn’t roll away from the ground while you use it.

Key Features

  • It is made of supreme-quality silicone that clutches your skin properly and doesn’t roll away.
  • You can use the ball in 19+ places like the upper back, spine, calves, glutes, triceps, hamstrings, and so on.
  • An ideal massage ball for yogis, players, athletes, dancers, and stress patients.
  • Roll your body over the ball to release the knots from your muscles.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Grips skin properly.
  • Gives effective results.


  • Too soft for some people.

Why will you like this product?

As it helps to massage your whole body, why not try it once? It’s also affordable and easy to use!

RAD Roller Deep Tissue Peanut Massage

How to Massage your Whole Muscle with Tennis Balls

We find out all types of balls which are really effective in massage or relief of pain and anxiety. Here is a beautiful and informative video for better understanding, Let’s see

The benefits of Tennis Ball Massage Therapy

  • Increase joint range of motion
  • Help muscle performance
  • Decrease fatigue after exercise
  • Decrease soreness after exercise

Buying Guide for the Best Tennis Ball Upper Back Massagers

Before buying any balls to massage your body parts, you need to check various factors with the budget. It depends on your weight, the part you want to massage, your priority, and the ball style.

So, for our lovely visitors’ sake, we have arranged some basic factors to check in a ball before purchasing it. Here we go-tennis ball upper back massage. Read our extra duty vs regular duty tennis balls

1. Size

You will find versatile-sized balls in the shop while checking out. The size generally depends on your intention of where you will use it. A friendly reminder is, size is the most important feature you need to check while buying or choosing one.

So, for your arms, hands, feet or forearms means for smaller body parts usage, get smaller-sized balls. And for legs, back, shoulder or chest use comparatively larger-sized balls.

2. Shape

Round balls are generally used for any kind of massage. However, you may find some different shaped massage balls that can be useful for specific area massaging. So, choose carefully. tennis ball upper back massage

3. Surface

Maximum people use smooth surface balls for massage. Those are comfortable and efficient too. However, the spiky balls are great too. If you get too sweaty while workout, your smooth ball may roll around the ground, Buying spiky balls creates perfect friction between skin and floor to keep the ball in place.

4. Weight

The more weight your ball will be; it will be in place easily. Heavier balls are likely to stay where you put them even if you put all your body pressure on them. However, if you want to travel with your massage balls, then choose the lighter ones. Some customers find the best tennis ball machine consumer reports.

5. Grip

Just imagine, you are using your ball for massage and it somehow rolls away from you and you hurt yourself. If you don’t want this to happen to you, choose one with a good grip that doesn’t slip away from the r or your skin. Best grip balls are mainly made of rubber.

6. Hardness

Hardness also depends on how you want to use the tennis ball back massage. If you want a massage for an injured place, then choose softer balls.

But a softer ball won’t work for the pinpoint massage you want. For regular athletes” massage, you need hard density balls to use. Plus, if you are a newbie at ball massaging, then choose a soft one.

7. Durability

Some balls made of foam deform very easily if you put much pressure on them. So, choose a ball made of durable material that can serve you for a long period.


How does a tennis ball relieve back pain?

You can call it a foam rolling massager. They work like a foam roller and release lower and upper back pain. Using them you can also Loosen the soft tissues and release tension. Ultimately, they work great against back pain.

How can I use a tennis ball to release pain?

You have to take the tennis ball therapy or use tennis ball upper back massagers. Using the normal tennis ball, Lie on it sit on the ball (using the pained portion), allow gravity to exert pressure, slowly lift off, and do the same process again. There are also some other ways.

In case of using massagers, follow the instruction paper.

Do ball massagers work?

Yes, they work great against different types of pains, soreness, stiffness, etc. They are designed to deal with them and feel comfortable. Using them properly you can release long-lasting pain.

What are the best ball massagers for the small painful area?

You can try “4KOR Fitness Ultimate Massage Balls for Physical Therapy” This product comes with 3 balls. Among them, you will get a lacrosse ball of 65 mm. Using the ball you can easily reach any painful portion of your body.

Final Words

I hope you have got some great suggestions for the best tennis ball upper back massagers. We targeted to find the top 10 products. However, after our research, we got only 8 products much effective. So we have arranged this article with 8 products. We think you find the best tennis ball to massage the upper back.

Read out the features again and surely you will understand the real benefits of the products. Hopefully, you all will be benefitted reading this article. Thanks for reading our article, tennis ball upper back massage.

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