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How High a Tennis Net should be: A Complete Guide

On the tennis court, the net is one of the essential parts which either makes or breaks the game. Even if you are a pro tennis player who gives mind-blowing shots, if you cannot serve the tennis ball opposite the net, there is no use in your experience.

And the game will be a success how high a tennis net is if the net is placed at the perfect height.

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Tennis Net Dimensions and how high is a tennis net

Many learning and new tennis players ask these questions. Well, you should determine the net height according to the size of the tennis court.

According to the International Tennis Federation, the tennis court’s exact dimensions should be 78 feet long and 27 feet wide. The tennis net height should be 3 feet tied to two 3.5 feet posts at equal distance.

If you are playing in a small court, then the net’s height must be 2.62 feet or 0.82 meters at a minimum. For single tennis matches, the size of the net post height should be 3 feet from the middle. Whereas for the double net, the height should be 3.5 inches.

Make sure the net post and stick should not go above 1 inch of the tennis net cord. Another tricky way to measure the height is using your tennis racquet. Just measure the length of your racquet handle, which should be 9 inches.

Then add this to the entire length of your racquet, which is 27 inches on average. So both equals 36 inches that are equal to 3 feet. So, the height should be 3 feet for the tennis net.

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Tennis Court Nets

One of the most vital things about tennis is a sport. you have to use a tennis net before starting a match. Further, without a net, your game is like without the test of food.

Anyway, so playing tennis you need a good tennis racquet for under $100. Sometimes, your need tennis balls hoppers to keep tennis balls when your necessary a tennis ball you can easily take it.

In tennis playing, a player must be aware of how high a tennis net, it is a significant factor in court-like, clay, hard, soft, and grass tennis courts. The net should be very tight and smooth with visible, which helps you take better short or serve.

However, A player must remember its high and distance because it asset you control your opponent’s ball.

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Important of Tennis Net

Without a tennis net, we never think to play a tennis match. In the play of, tennis needs some balls, there are many tennis balls pressureless, extra duty or regular duty, and different stage of the tennis ball.

how high a tennis net

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How high is a tennis net?

The answer is 3.5ft
1.07m The tennis net post height of your court should be 3.5ft (1.07m).

Are tennis nets level?

The tennis net stands 3 feet high at the center and lowest point of the net. The tennis net height measure top of the net is 3 feet, 6 inches from the ground or field. It sags slightly from the net posts at each end, but not more than 6 inches at the center of the tennis court to measure the proper height.

What length is a tennis net?

The answer is 42 feet, before buying a tennis net, obviously check the net length and compare it with your tennis court’s size because it’s a standard almost tennis net specifications.

What tennis net should I buy?

It depends on your tennis court size, tennis court size for home, sets should be three feet, or 0.914 meters, outside of your court. However, if you have a single tennis court that measurement will be 27 feet wide, the net should be 33 feet wide.


Your tennis court net how high a tennis net is 3.5ft and 1.07m The tennis net post height of your court should be 3.5ft (1.07m). So this is a standard tennis court net specification or dimensions and height measure.

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